Spinosaurus Add-On

Time to set your watch back 100 million years and deal with one of the baddest dinosaurs to walk the earth. The Spinosaurus. Oh boy, the gloves are off! And probably eaten, along with the rest of you!

Some facts about these fictional spinosauruses, they:

  • Spawn in plains biomes. Light levels 5 to 14, which means around sunrise & sunset. So you won’t get too many, in theory.
  • Have 300 health (yikes)
  • Have a long reach, so you’ll probably have to take a hit before you can hit back
  • Fast over land or water
  • Healable! Sure, why not. Fish and meat pretty much.
  • Four different variants.
  • Four different sizes (very large to much bigger than very large), the bigger they are the harder they are to knockback
  • Will attack just about anything
  • Drop awesome loot, especially if you land the killing blow yourself
  • Have 38 attack strength (double yikes)
  • They have neural fins! Don’t we all wish we had neural fins. The fun we’d have…

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To the awesome youtubers out there, if you do a review/showcase, thank you! Please link back to *this page* on mcpedl. Cheers!

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Minor change to increase knockback resistance (of which they had none, oops, they were way too easy). The bigger they spawn the more resistance they'll have.


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66 Responses

3.75 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-7960765976 says:

    why does everyone hate this dinosaur??? This dinosaur is my favorite! stop haters!

  2. Guest-7976595368 says:

    I can’t wait to see how ugly you make allosaurus

  3. Guest-6199721197 says:

    Good but can it be more realistic?

  4. Crystal Creeper says:

    Oh my lord have you seen a spino before, they have eyes at the side of their head and their nostrils are higher up the snout

  5. Guest-1010122941 says:

    This is awesome there should be some more animations and this would be spectacular .It’s best part is that it keeps Minecraft graphics doesn’t put any gta like graphics awesome keep up the good work make it fight with other dinosaurs made by you. Thank you

  6. Guest-2053770251 says:

    can you uhm make a spawn egg or make it sop u can summon it with command it takes forever to find

  7. Guest-9737508255 says:

    Fix the eyes

    All the dinosaurs eyes

  8. Guest-5003707395 says:

    Good add-on bro, don’t listen to the hate

  9. Guest-8634434672 says:

    omg this mod adds 50 new dinosaur mobs to minecraft!!! install this NOW so you can have 50 dinosaurs on your minecraft world!!!

  10. Guest-2331538723 says:

    Would you guys shut up about the hate?

  11. Guest-2361598206 says:

    If you payed more attention to the most recent research paper on spinosaurus, you would know they DID NOT look like this. The other spinosaurs in every single dinosaur addon were based specifically off JP///, this looks like an illustration in a kid’s picture book. You have tried your best and I admire you for that, however.

  12. Guest-5908384942 says:

    For the next Dinosuar add-on can it be an Allosaurus?

  13. Guest-8445878211 says:

    Very cool addon I love the Dino’s but may you please add more Dino’s please like a t-Rex or raptors

  14. odarmamx says:

    Amazing job bro, that dinosaur is really scary keep doing this great mobs, bro i have a question about the compatibility of your old addons with 1.16 update and i have fixed a little bug on your direwolf addon, were can we talk?

  15. Guest-5384041273 says:

    Could you pleaseeee make an apatosaurus and liopluerodon?

  16. Guest-9132472543 says:

    Fix the dinosaurs eyes

  17. Guest-5620983598 says:

    Make their eyes better


    •Triceratops eyes

    •Tyrannosaurus Rex eyes

    •Spinosaurus eyes

    *Stegosaurus eyes

  18. Guest-9479794718 says:

    Can you add raccoons mno?

  19. Ataya says:

    Bruh stop hating on them they make there model original not steal from other the add-on is quite good I can’t make a model so I don’t hate it’s there best try

  20. THE_ADVENTURER says:

    what the heck am I looking at it your new to add-ons making then I’m sorry but it just looks bad we already have 4 main dinosaur add-ons and a possible future one that might add over 123 dinosaurs

  21. Guest-9991837639 says:

    To be honest, these addons are somewhat bad and they do need some improvement and should take more time to work on it. But still don’t harass the creator just because it is not the best. They still worked hard on the addon.

  22. Guest-2748517694 says:

    Good job! Some people don’t like the spinosaurus ( my favorite dinosaur) for some dumb reasons. Just fix the model a little bit and texture.

  23. Guest-6021824027 says:

    Shut up b.. h you all suck this addon are good

  24. Guest-2320509320 says:

    the eyes are derpy

  25. Guest-1444801068 says:

    Please, fix the textures or dont make trash addons.

  26. Guest-1997110803 says:

    trash skin

  27. Guest-4146269211 says:

    The Spinosaurus was semi quadrupedal and looking more like raised legs with hand like joints their back had a flat structure on their back with no protruding vertebrae. i hope you can take this into consideration when updating this addon.

  28. Guest-2271448138 says:


  29. ABARE-MAX says:

    The addon is pretty good, i suggest putting the eye on the side of the head tho

  30. Guest-3372412880 says:

    no ur just a hater

  31. Beam006 says:

    Make brachiosaurus, apatosaurus, parasaurolophus, gallimimus, pachycephalosaurus​ and mosasaur​us plz

  32. Xx69_Florin_69xX says:

    Dude, those addons are lazy, crappy, there are many better dinosaur addon, models are bad, eyes on the dinosaurs make them look even more horrible, the colors are messed up and not realistic, you didn’t even do an addon with all the dinosaurs

  33. Liam TDP says:

    Good addon MNO Your improving

  34. Guest-2571034050 says:

    Why can’t u just do the bare minimum of research on the actual Spinosaurus?! For one they were hardly as bipedal as you made them and they spent almost all of their time in the water, like alligators and crocodiles. This would’ve been acceptable in 1975, a quick google search will show you how actual Spinosaurs looked! You’re lazy! 0/10!!!

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