Published on November 08, 2019

Teams Plugin [1.13+]

Want to battle with teams? With this addon, you'll surely be able to do that with up to four teams! Even works with commands/scoreboard! Finally, enjoy that with the Teams Plugin. By XG



Supported Minecraft versions

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it would be very cool if you updated the addon to 1.16/1.17 but its up to you
for anyone who is lazy or doesnt have the VIP heres the download link
It says the file is corrupted when I tried to download the mcpack
Yomiallasmcplayer8115 November 26, 2021 at 9:58 pm
Me too
can you upgrade it to version 1.16.1?
When I downloaded and clicked to transfer it to Minecraft it says "this is not a valid archive", what can I do to fix it?
what platform u on ios or andriod if on ios go to files app provided by apple and put the addon in the behavior_packs folder and closed minecraft and reopen it and apply it to any world if andrion should be pritty much the same but not sure because i use apple so if its not same let me know
Can u make it so if mobs are on an other team they will attack each other
How do you de-tag people?
/tag @s remove blue
or whatever tag they have
(@s is self, @a is all, ect. or just do the player name)
I can have the add-on on .zip please
Rename Teams-Plugin.mcpack to
yo nice addon and chill my dude
You can do this without the addon.

/tag @s add (whatever name you choose; the creator chose colors.)
This addon enables non-team pvp and multi-team pvp/minigame play. Clearly you don't know what you're talking about.
Please read what this Add-on is about before talking.
u have no idea what ur talking about mate.
Can u add like if your in yellow team a yellow tag will display below your name
This is the best please keep updating it and add more addon plugins
does the person playing with me need this too?
it is a behavior pack. so u apply it to the world and it works for everyone that joins