The Mermaid Addon

Equip Mermaid fin in Minecraft! 

If you want to get fin, just download this addon

If you import it, your leg layer will be activated

Cheat activation must be on

holiday creater too




This addon video

V3 (beta)

👇must see it If u want to know update log








Cheat activation and holiday creater must be on

model remake

(animation updated)


item added(armors)





it all added in creative inventory



New Items

(Texture replaced)





New recipes






New Fin color

It can change with transform:melanin_repositioner

(L/R Click)


element ball, ears(?)

element ball moves to a sin function graph value


If you sneak up in a fin and use trident, you will get resistance buff 4 and slowness debuff 3


(query.is_sneaking && query.get_equipped_item_name(0) == ‘trident’ &&

query.is_using_item) == true


in water


in rain







function deactivate


/give @s lim:mermaid_tr


how to use changed

right click

long touch

Its simple,




This Addon is copyrighted by Lim

Any unauthorized modifications or uploads to another site without Lim’s permission may be legally processed

I will upload an introductory video on YouTube. If you subscribe, you can see more useful and cool add-on videos


Do not upload to YouTube or anyother site without my permission


Changelog View more

I didn't change my thumbnail by mistake.

I'm sorry to bother you

models, nimations, render controllers

items are added and some functions deleted


New Items

New recipes

New Fin color




Supported Minecraft versions


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37 Responses

4.14 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Nichtwolf 126 says:

    When you update the mod could you maybe make it that we can put on and take of the tail and could you add the color black for a tail it’s fine if you can’t and this mod is awsome

  2. Dark Angel says:

    I’ve used all versions of this mod an I absolutely love the models. I was wondering if I could recommend another addon if you wanted to do it.

    Animal tails/ears: I think it would be cool to have different animal tails/ears. They just attach like pants but they can wag, curl up or down when you sit/sleep, and they droop down after you come out of water. And the ears would twitch or fold back when you fight or swim.

  3. Pixelite Games Yt says:

    I downloaded 3v’s beta pack and all the important things were gone, does this also work on console because im an xbox player and ive tryed re downloading this mod and it doesnt work, i dont have any mermaid tails or any of the other features, is this a bug??

  4. Jasonn says:

    I love the addon, but can you please fix the bugs in V3 (like how the mermaid tail color changer goes crazy), have a separate download without the shaders, and add a way to become human again. Thank you!

  5. Uramob says:

    This addon is good but one on v3beta we cant breath in water

  6. Ult1maAlphaEve says:

    So I found a bug with the V2 and V3 Beta when using it on Minecraft Windows 10 and I hope you could please address these issues when you can. The V2 mod doesn’t allow the repositioner to appear even when you look through your inventory and the legs are still visible. The V3 mod so far doesn’t show the legs at all, even when the mermaid fin hasn’t been used yet and both the fin AND repositioner don’t exist, even when you’re not using the commands. Other than that, the mod is VERY cool and uniquely designed. ^w^

  7. BonnieBlue says:

    Hi. I really like this version of the addon in terms of the skin change – however: I can’t seem to get the resources to work simply because they don’t show up at all. I have both R and B packs on the world, so that can’t be the issue. So far, this is a good addon, but compared to Version 2 – which had working resources – this version is less so. Keep up the good work though.

  8. hellojk says:

    can you make it compatible for xbox? when i extract it it stops on scset.json

  9. BlueIcezen says:

    I really like the new one but I want the feature that when you touch the water you will become a mermaid and I like that mermaid fin

    • BlueIcezen says:

      Can you remove the texture pack that attach to this addon please I have a another texture pack and it’s blocking it and can you add the eternity breath again

  10. Harol05 says:

    I already tried the mod and I liked it but could you in a future beta make the option of being a mermaid obsional so some players are and others are not?

  11. Shadowfury6 says:

    It’s really cool but could you make it so u have to find a place to become a mermaid so then u have a choice to be a mer person and like u had before if you touch water you get the tail and ears and you get the ability to breathe underwater and try make it so drowned dont bother you since you are an ocean creature

  12. Random User 123 says:

    I’m not joking I was literally just on Minecraft using this addon :0
    The new version looks great 🙂

  13. midnightlooms says:

    When I try to get the item, an error message says the item doesn’t have a texture

  14. midnightlooms says:

    Hey, could you add a .mcpack file? That’s the one I need. I really want a good looking mermaid tail for minecraft pe, and this is the one I’m trying. Thanks!

  15. thegreatmoo64 says:

    thank you so much for making this my little sis was wanting a mermaid mod so bad i just couldnt find one but then i came across this one and she likes it alot

  16. Carlin2020 says:

    This addon is 10/10 but for some reason my legs still visible. can you fix it?

  17. MaguzalKitty says:

    Hi, my legs are still visible, but the animations are outstanding!

  18. Wynter says:

    this is a good mod but it doesnt make my legs disappear and just has both my legs and the fin together. Im not sure if this is a bug or if i am missing something

  19. I don’t simp for fishes but this looks good perhaps add a Poseidon boss

  20. QuickThinker127 says:

    Hey I just installed this and when I opened it in Minecraft it said that it wouldn’t load. I took a look in the zip and there was nothing inside. If possible could you fix this? Thx

  21. PrinceMJ says:

    Hey Lim! This Add-on Is Super Duper Awesome! LIke The Model And Animations Are Perfect Just Wish The Fish Fin Would Work Fine I Can Only Transform Using /function transform_mermaid_fin But All In All It’s Great, Good Luck On Future Add-ons Lim This Was Amazing To Record For The My Channel 😀

  22. FireVesssl says:

    Amazing man

  23. Keylaplayzs13 says:

    Import failed :(( but it looks good

  24. WKGamer2004 says:

    Olá, eu gostei muito de seu Addon. Em uma próxima atualização, poderia, por favor, adicionar outras cores?

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