Published on October 10, 2019 (Updated on October 15, 2019)

The Non-Stop Parkour

The best parkour map to test your skills! You can't stop at all, you must parkour from the start to the end without stopping!

Normal parkour maps are too easy for you? Try this out!

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Fixed some minor bugs and made it a Lil bit easier

Improved thumbnail



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The map download wont work
this is amazing, i got bullied and was dying but i found this game and learned how to speak the language of poop and i found some toilet scrolls at the mcdonald restroom in the shower areas, i was able to levitate after reading the scrolls and sent the bullies to space and met obama and he shaked my hand and he said "thank you president clown u have save america from those bullies" and after that he told me his last name
If you have any original map idea feel free to tell me ;)
Its soo hard..................

But i like it
A bit too hard for me but good
I hate parkour
Hope there are more levels :)
Hope there r more lvls :)