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Published on April 04, 2020 (Updated on April 04, 2020)

The Pyramid, Part 1

You are an old Explorer planning on retiring soon. But one day, you get a call from an old friend of yours calls you and says that there is a pyramid he just found. There is something strange about it. You told him you would come, and said this would be your last adventure before retirement.

Remember: This is part 1. If I get lots of shares and comments, I will DEFINITELY make PART 2! 

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3.5 / 5 (6 votes)
Nice map, good for someone just starting to become a creator. Since you are poor in design or anything, ask help from me as i can help you spice up your maps.
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This Map was an Experiment. I will make part 2 bigger and longer, thanks for all your feedback!
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Ok, first before i even played the map, i actually read all the comments first. And all the comments said that this map is very short. And i was like "is it rlly short?" So i played the map and i think they were right, this map is soo painfully short. I can even finish this map in few seconds.

So my suggestion is, if you want to make an adventure map, make it a little longer, idc if its taking a few month, dont just make a map that u start at the middle of the street and then you come to your home and then "Yeah To be continued! Part 2 is still WIP!" That just doesnt playable ok?

So yeah i hope that u releasing the part 2 and dont forget to make the map little longer ok?
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So far I like it but please when you make part 2 make it longer, thank you
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why so short it took me 30 seconds you do not even need the armour or anything
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I like it, but It Is literally 1minute to finish
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it really took you that long noob
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I'm Egyptian and this is good
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