The Ruby Blade Addon

This my first ever addon and I really hope you enjoy it! Please Rate it if you feel I have done a good job. It took me a very long time to figure it all out.

The Sword is very powerful and it gives you the speed effect too. It does not replace any of the old swords and is not in the creative menu. It can be obtained via commands, crafting(see below for recipe) or if your lucky you can find it in a pillager outpost chest!

There are now rubies in the game and they replace emeralds because obviously they are better. There are Blocks of Ruby, Ruby Ore and the pure Ruby!

These are the four new items!

You have to use ruby blocks because it’s such a powerful weapon.

The Ruby Battleaxe is a fine weapon. Very fun to use I assure you.

Want something better than a beacon after killing the wither?

Well here is what to do do with your nether star!

This is the command to obtain it.

/give @p comc:ruby_battleaxe

/give @p comc:ench_ruby_sword 

Make sure experimental gameplay is on or else it won’t work.

Changelog View more

I've fixed the rescorce pack and slightly changed the behavior pack as there were slight errors in the IDs and I'm sorry about that.

I have added a Ruby Battleaxe and an enchanted Ruby Blade


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 (beta)

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39 Responses

4.08 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. chicken nugget says:

    It looks like you are going to add more stuffs into this addon. I have some suggestions, add haste effect and vein miner for the Ruby Pickaxe, tree capacitor for the Ruby Axe because it will help alot. Also, increase the amount of Ruby blocks to make one tool, the Ruby Sword and Battleaxe are kinda easy to get and they’re realy OP.

  2. a says:

    you can get ruby from trading with villagers because it’s replace emerald so it’s not hard to get ruby
    thx for the addon,can you make zip file of it ?, and the ruby bladeBh+Rs.mcaddon link is working but when opening it in minecraft the game fail to import it

  3. skyler says:

    its not leting me import it plz help me

  4. kokonut says:

    A really good addon, hope you will add more Ruby tools and armors.
    For anyone who wants to know more about the weapons: Ruby Sword deals 15 damages and it takes 4 hits to kill a Iron Golem and Ruby Battleaxe takes 3 hits to kill.

  5. Dawson says:

    If u can make a big addon with people that fight monsters and have armour and swords i would love that soo much but have 5+ people pless. Otherwise if u can make a big addon with 30+ and have a channel unless u already have 1 then you can get so many subcribers im shure of it. Tell me if this works with other swords addon just test it out pless.

  6. Ugandan Qween says:

    I downloaded this addon 2 days ago and it all worked and it was fantastic but now it doesnt give me the buffs and it has become weaker than the wooden sword. I dont know if its just me but this bug is just annoying. Anyways good job and I really liked this idea!

  7. CommmanderCiaran is cool says:

    I mean CommanderCiarab sorry 🙂

  8. CommanderCiarab ja cool says:

    You did a very very good job for your first addon, I’m curious what addons will come from you and I wanted to say that you’re really good at it ans you are cool 🙂

  9. BilderMan says:

    add pickaxe too

  10. Anonymous says:

    How rare are they too find? I haven’t found any yet and I’ve been playing a long time

  11. The Bug has been fixed and thanks for letting me know!

  12. Sid7373 says:

    It works, fantastic!!

  13. EJordan says:

    Good But Think Use The Ruby Item To Craft The Sword

  14. Amy says:

    it gives me rubies but i cant make the sword :/

  15. Zachary says:

    works on xbox one, windows 10, and samsung note 9

  16. Foxyrocks20 says:

    this pack sucks it doesn’t work it kept saying “Failed to import” please fix it I’m on windows 10 btw.

  17. Dragolosse says:

    Bug: Can’t download Res. pack! 🙁

  18. Hedgie101 says:

    For some reason, when I try to import this into Minecraft, it gives me a message saying, “Failed to import! Please see output log for more details!” Please fix this! I’m on iOS btw!

  19. Anonymous says:

    do dosent work

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