Published on June 02, 2022 (Updated on June 30, 2022)

The Stone Games

Welcome to the Stone Games. I had a random idea pop in my head one day for what to make my next map be. So here it is. This map is basically a mixture of other maps, such as, parkour, mazes, puzzles and other stuff. The map has many different paths you can take. So, you have to do a pick-your-path kind of thing. The map has a total of 11 different stages or levels. The higher the number is on the stage, the closer you're getting to the end. It is possible though; you could be either sent back a stage or sent forward a stage. If there are any mistakes or concerns to the map, please leave a comment so I can fix the map if needed. Thanks for downloading and good luck.


-stage 1: stone bricks

-stage 2: mossy stone bricks

-stage 3: sandstone

-stage 4: prismarine bricks

-stage 5: smooth stone

-stage 6: deep slate bricks

-stage 7: end stone bricks

-stage 8: red sandstone

-stage 9: dark prismarine

-stage 10: mud bricks (new stage)

-stage 11: nether bricks (new stage)

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I have added 2 new stages to this map and other new things. I have also made fixed whatever else I found not right in the map.


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very fun map, I found the secret room! :D
This map was very fun to play with my friend except a bug I found was that he would keep getting teleported into the secret room for no reason and when he would try to leave he kept getting teleported back
Thanks for telling me. I’ll fix it asap
Thanks! Add more levels too we'd really enjoy it :D
This map is very good! I played it with my friend and it was really funny! Please make a part 2 of this. One of the best maps i played!!!
This was really cool, i was looking for cool mods when i found this, it looked interesting so i tried it out. little did i know it would be this hard. i ran through it a few times to see what the different items did, but all in all this was awesome. Keep doing what you're doing