Published on April 07, 2020

Titan Creation Sword

Are you a fan of titan mod on PC? Do you like Titan Creation Sword?

Now I bring you it!

It is one of the most powerful weapons in MCBE.


  • SW 创世之刃[转载者司马].mcaddon

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That dog you met in mexico September 13, 2021 at 11:20 pm
damn thats a big ass sword you got there
pls fix its just a wolf it used to work
hello man good addon but….can u tell me why the sword is not in 3D and it repaces the wolf eggs ? it's normal ?
No must have done something wrong. Makesure both the resource and behaviour pack is installed and make sure it is at t the top of the addon priority list ok?
Umm... It is a spawn wolf egg... Or mine glitched? Lol
That's what i talking about, if i have a giant sword in Minecraft, i wonder how much damage is and here we are! It's... Umm...
it is overpowered Even when I am killing 300 withers it Killed it makes a little bit bug
When I am killing many mobs its laggy
and the skill is overpowered I accidentally Fell of the world
Because of the skill
Guest-9708573237 May 29, 2020 at 6:55 pm
Plz make the avaritia sword with 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 of demage.
The averitia sword is sword of cozmos. Make it do infinite damage and kill creative mode. I know it can be done because the Titans from the future Titans mod can kill gememode 1 (I was the victim over and over).
Also, when I was holding this sword, THOSE TITANS COULDNT KILL ME.
When I am holding the sword I am more invulnerable then CREATIVE MODE.
Nowwwww jun channel is a thief
Lol i tried it with the chaos mod and i still die i thought i wouldnt die lol
It doesn’t let me use the addon. When I import it to my Minecraft, it just says Invalid Zip archive. Help
hi can u make a titans mod u make the best addons
Ultima blade ;)
Ye it’s called the ultima blade. Btw u can vote 5 stars multiple times and it counts.
I have the TiTAN add-on but that wepean replaces trident but it has the same behaved man I am going to get it
For some reason it doesnt work, all it does is spawns in wolves
Wrong thing put on experimental gamplay and then do /give @s sw: and so on
yeah or get it in spawn eggs