Tool Variants V1

With the release of the Nether Update, two new woods were introduced, along with a new type of stone. However, tools made with these still look like basic wooden or stone tools. This also goes for all the other types of wood, such as birch or acacia. This addon simply changes the look of the tools made with those resources to better fit them. 

Different wooden tools for all wood types are planned, but as of now warped, crimson, and blackstone tools are only available. You can craft them at a crafting table the same way you would any other tool, using blackstone, warped wood, or crimson wood. They have the same durability and strength as regular stone and wooden tools, they just look different. They can also be enchanted at an enchantment table, or at an anvil with an enchanted book.

Note: This will only work in the latest beta (, and experimental features must be on. Also, for some reason the new hoes don’t work, but you won’t really be needing a hoe in the nether

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Just added more info about the addon to the description.


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19 Responses

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  1. _Pandore_ says:

    Hello i have some troubles in the 1.16.40 W10 version it’s like the behavior can’t take the ressources for exemple:

    1) the twoo part says need one dependencies when i try to activate them
    2) craft the sword of warped woods : the item have air texture but the name is here
    3) Clic on the item : you can have the air item with the name of the sword in the hand and can swing but texture are not here

    can you fix it pls?

    thanks alot in advance and sorry for my bad english

  2. KingCashew276 says:

    Please do armour varians with all boalcks and tool

  3. cAptive says:

    The 1.16.100 is the best update, before we couldn’t make a tool with addon. But can you add new tools in an upcoming update with the overworld woods and maybe end stone tools ? But still best addon with “More Crafting Table”

  4. Gamershy says:

    I’m having a strange issue. Upon importing the pack, it says that it’s missing a dependency. I initially assumed this to be a simple error with the packs’ UUID, and ignored it. However, upon loading into a world, none of the tool’s textures are loading. They’re just empty slots that display the “” text. Any fix?
    Also, I looked through the code. Everything appears to be targeting the correct files, and the code for the items appears to be correct, but neither in 1.16.40, or the 1.16.10056 beta (I installed the beta SPECIFCIALLY to see this work, was hella excited to see custom tools working in Bedrock), the tool didn’t even work. I tested against stone, and the blackstone pickaxe didn’t mine the stone any faster, nor did it drop cobblestone. I’m unsure of what I could be doing wrong. I did ensure to enable Experimental Gameplay as well.

  5. MonsterGamer PH says:

    Bruh,you need hoes in the nether to gather nether warts block and shroomlights especially when you have shaders because its dark in the nether.

  6. D507mc says:

    I would like to chat with you on Discord
    D507mc # 5483

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