TRLG Elite Strike

Elite Strike takes the modern war to the next level with an amazing pvp war and the best zombies experience you will ever have in a TRLG game! Version 2.6.


Battle in the Devastation of a destroyed city or a Headquarters overrun by the enemy team!

Operation: Octane

Operation: Northern Climate

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Update 3.0

The cold caught up to you!  “Jungle” is set in the middle of a jungle with bridges on the trees. “Arctic Cliff” is a redesign of the TRLG: WWII map; “D-Day”, this map has a few secrets within.


- Fixed a few holes in the wall


-Removed the Villager outside the Lobby

-Removed a piece of grass in the Lobby

Everything is unlocked, enjoy The Flooded Winter, along with the bonus gamemode we added. The Content Lineup:

January 29th: Screwdriver Melee Weapon (🔓)

January 30th (Came out January 31st): Ice Pick Melee Weapon (🔓) 

January 31st (Came out February 1st): Flooded Cargo Map (🔓)

-Added a new melee weapon called “Ice Pick”

-Fixed something

Update 2.4

Today is the day The Winter Flood Event begins. For three days straight, you will receive a piece of content each day. Here is the Content Lineup:

January 29th: Screwdriver Melee Weapon (🔓)

January 30th: Ice Pick Melee Weapon (🔒)

January 31st: Flooded Cargo Map (🔒)


-Fixed a hole in the Melee Pick area

Update 2.3

There’s a new exclusive badge to show that this is the real map, and there’s a new .zip file for all the iOS players out there. Finally, we’ve fixed the Featured Gamemodes:


-Melees Only

-Only Flooded Cargo (Coming January 31st)


-Fixed a problem where you were able to obtain the Screwdriver and Ice Pick early

-Fixed the Studio text in Main Lobby

-Fixed a problem were you might’ve spawned in a different map upon death


-Changed The Temple

—Added more barriers

—Fixed the missing button on the Guardians side.


-Added more room in the pick team area on The Temple and Hijacking

Update 2.2

Those melee weapons were supposed to be added a long time ago. Also stay tuned for the new event that’s coming on January 29th

-Added two new melee weapons



-Fixed the “End Match” text in Cargo

-Fixed some problems

Update 2.1


Too much to count


-Changed the location of the team pick room on Devastation
-Changed the location of the team pick room on Headquarters


Added a new bonus map titled “Beach”

Added some more stuff to the description blah blah blah 

Updated some stuff in the description, like trailers and that’s it!

Update 2.0

You feel that heat wave? That’s Operation: Octane rolling in! You get two new maps and two new melees on the way.


-New map titled “The Temple”

-New map titled “Hijacking”


-Fixed the Venus not working

-Fixed the map not working

-Fixed a hole in the wall

Update 1.2

“The beauty of war, can only be seen, by a certain perspective.” TRLG Elite Strike Ultra is now available for download.


-Added a new version to TRLG Elite Strike called “Ultra”

-Added a Create-a-Class feature

-Added a new game-mode “Melees Only”


-Changed Devastation a little bit more, just a few details you don’t have to look for! Not even for “The Legendary Sniper Spot”

Update 1.1

The first actual update for TRLG Elite Strike! Sorry for the horrible release, to make it up to you, we have everything we wanted to Add in the release is in this update. Enjoy the complete release of TRLG Elite Strike!


-Added a new map - “Cargo Ship”

-Added a new text for when you End the Match


-Changed a few texts in the entire game

-Changed the “Map Selection” area

-Changed the game mode area

-Changed Devastation a bit


-Fixed a mess up where when you end the game you keep your items in the Lobby

Release! TRLG Elite Strike is finally out and ready to use. Get ready for war because this is something we’ve never seen before!

Edited the brief description and added the TRLG Elite Strike Beta trailer

The Real Life Game: Elite Strike Beta is here! We’ve redesigned the whole map, and when we mean the whole map we mean the WHOLE map. For example; The map “Devastation” is a redesign of “Destroyed City”. We also made a skin pack for everyone to have. We hope everyone enjoys this beta as much as we did making it!



This download takes a least One minute to download

For iOS users

  1. Open the file in “Files”
  2. Open the file
  3. Copy the file
  4. Go to “On My iPhone/iPad”
  5. Open Minecraft > games > com.mojang >minecraftworlds
  6. Paste it in minecraftworlds folder


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.14

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17 Responses

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  1. gio1135 says:

    what earth is a trlg?

  2. Talon says:

    Hey can you get a mediafile download link so me and my friends can download this on xbox one btw it looks very good

  3. TinyTrooper says:

    Can i download the addon of the map because its liiiiiit!!!!

  4. john doe says:

    by now you should be able to use custom guns

  5. FXL says:

    How much players do i need to play this?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Its very good, but the maps are small.

  7. Renzdenden says:

    Creators can I remake some Textures in your Map and I will make a download link for it

  8. Matthew Dinh says:

    It says failed to import, BUT I still have faith this is an amazing map!

  9. Matthew says:

    I am unable to download it into my game

  10. The next update that releases is the Beta, there was a spelling mistake that we missed in the brief description.

  11. Vee says:

    very excited for full release

  12. LiamMarvinAlv says:

    you guys should make a full scale battle map. That would be really cool for 30 player attle reinactments in the game. Anyways this is cool

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