Ultimate Survival Base

Lazy to build a house? Well this map is just for you! This map has everything you need to survive Minecraft. It also doubles up as a multiplayer map, since it supports 6 players! 

Ultimate Survival Base is a simple creation. It has everything you need. From crafting tables, furnaces to enchantment tables, and your very own farm!


  • Supports up to 6 players!
  • Has a mini farm with every crops and two composters!
  • Has a crafting, cooking, smelting area and lots of storage!
  • Has an enchanting table, brewing stands, anvils and grindstones to repair, rename and enchant your tools!
  • Has a built in Beacon, and you just need to have some ingots to power it!
  • Has 4 built in Nether Portals!

    – The Mini Farm

   – The Cooking, Crafting, Smelting, and Storage  Area

  – Enchanting, Brewing, and Repairing Area

  – The Lounge Area

 – The Portal

 – The Beacon

If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to comment down below! 

Changelog View more

• Made the file into MCWORLD!

• Updated installation guide.

• Removed some items in description.

• Due to the release of 1.16, I have deleted the 1.15 link. Please read the description above

• Updated description

• Updated Installation Guide

• Updated installation guide

• Checked files for correct version

• Updated links for Minecraft 1.14.30

• Fixed some bugs

• Added more lighting to the map.

• Added a link for Minecraft version 1.14.30!

• Added more information regarding the Minecraft versions to make the map work.

• Fixed an issue that made the map won't load.

• Added installation guide.

• Made it compatible with Minecraft 1.14.30!

• I'll soon fix the issue regarding with the Minecraft version. For now, please play on Minecraft!


Since ZArchiver only works on Android, for iOS users, please follow the installation guide that was provided by MCPEDL. For Android users, if you can't open the file, follow these steps!

1. Make sure your Minecraft version is 1.14.30

2. Press the link and it will automatically download

3. Install ZArchiver from the Play Store

4. Open ZArchiver

5. After that, find the "Download" folder and look for the file named "Ultimate Survival Base.mcworld"

6. Long press it and press "Rename". Rename the .mcworld to .zip

7. It should be named "Ultimate Survival"

8. Press the renamed file once and tap "Extract to ./Archive name/"

9. It should be named "Ultimate Survival Base" folder

10. Copy it to games > com.mojang > minecraftWorlds

11. Open Minecraft and the world should appear. Name is Ultimate Survival Base.


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

48 Responses

3.55 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-9042039863 says:

    Good option for my base design in 2B2T.

  2. 703337 says:

    The .MCWORLD file should not be a .ZIP file. Because of this, it does not work.

  3. lilrayjon67 says:

    Nope waste of time cheats are on

  4. lilrayjon67 says:

    Can i earn achievements

  5. Guest-2597974715 says:

    Can i earn achievements?

  6. Guest-2288430687 says:

    I’m on mcpe 1.14, it’s not working for iOS, as the import fails

  7. Guest-6307988643 says:

    Nothing ultimate about it

  8. Thunderflame says:

    No worries i have the 1.16 nether update and keep up the good work my friends liked my base (but its yours XD)

  9. Guest-8196714145 says:

    ok it is kind of pointless you deleted the file for 1.16 and then proceed we rate it 5 stars.
    3 stars for the map quality and -1 for the uprightness. I hope you make your 1.16 map better, I wouldn’t have removed a star if you hadn’t told us to rate 5 stars.

  10. Guest-8449672527 says:

    Can you make a .mcworld link for 1.15? It’s telling me the world is on an updated version and I can’t play this awesome looking world!

  11. Guest-7067173329 says:

    Old version

  12. Guest-6813870400 says:

    It doesn’t appear

  13. Guest-2093318275 says:

    Downloading is not working. Can you just make it a .McWorld file

  14. Guest-9673193853 says:

    Can you put it on media fire please.

  15. Guest-2413792388 says:

    Ok thank you very much

  16. Guest-2468281204 says:

    It is not working, I am on version 1.15, please Relpy.

  17. Guest-3282889754 says:

    Will this work for the 1.14 version?

  18. EnderVG says:

    What version is your Minecraft?

  19. EnderVG says:

    Please update your game to or newer please.

  20. Guest-6812735432 says:

    it says a newer version of this game as been saved, and it cant load. please fix this, thank you.

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