Published on August 09, 2023

Undead Horses Plus

Have you ever wanted to ride the zombie horses that are in the game but have never been used? , this addon makes them fully functional and with new features, not only that it also adds other undead horses that should exist in vanilla minecraft!


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Can you please make the wither skeleton horse be saddled and be breedable I gave it a 4/5 until it could be saddled and breedable. Thanks! This mod is good. Also make every other horse be saddled and breedable pls.
This Addon looks great! Though I do have two questions.

1. Is this going to be compatible with Old Pigman Plus? Or 2. Will you add stray horses and drowned horses in Old Pigman Plus?
For now I don't think it is compatible, since it modifies the behavior of the same entities as in "Old Pigman Plus", but if I add the drowned horse, and stray horse in Old pigman plus
I see then. Thanks!