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Member since 20 April, 2020
6 submissions
Stacking+ Addon


Salutations fellow Humans, I have made another Add-on. This brings non-stackable Items and 16 stack items to a stack size of 64! Exciting am I right? The ...
Sneak Under Slabs Addon

Sneak Under Slabs

Greetings fellow humans I have made another addon. This addon makes you able to walk under slabs while sneaking. Without realizing it I have made ...
Weapons+ (Beta) Addon

Weapons+ (Beta)

Have you ever downloaded some weapons addon, and it doesn't fulfill your expectations? Well, look no further because this weapons addon will fulfill all of ...
Apples+ Addon


Hello! Have you ever wanted more op apples like the enchanted apple? Well, you have come to the right place! For now, this addon will ...