Vanilla Quality Unlimiter

When using a texture pack, sacrifice performance for quality: This shader doesn’t add anything new. Instead it removes the limits placed on the default vanilla shader to fix common graphical issues with distant water and plant textures when using certain texture packs, and allows you to set a lower mipmap blur level to keep the details in high-resolution texture packs.

Example 1: John Smith texture pack (water)

Example 2: Old Quadral texture pack (leaves)


  • Smooths out the sharp border between transparent and solid distant water that occurs when using certain texture packs
  • Prevents other blocks with transparency from becoming completely solid when in the distance
    • Eg: leaves, seaweed, crops, vines don’t become blocky
  • Selectable levels of lowered mipmap blurring that:
    • Keep the details in high-res texture packs
    • Prevent blocks with transparency from “fading” (occurs before they become blocky) when using certain texture packs.


  • This shader is made to work on Win10, IOS, and Android. It wont work on any consoles due to the new render engine
  • Lowering the mipmap level to reduce blurring has the side effects of:
    • Making distant textures look “noisy”
    • Increasing the memory usage of the shader
  • The distance that grass/bamboo/door blocks disappear at cannot be changed currently


Feel free to use this pack however you like – I made it to help out others who were experiencing bugs with their high-res textures. If you do end up including this in your own pack, It’d be great to see it!

Changelog View more
  • Removed the old download link
  • Added a few details to the post description
  • Fixed a bug that caused glass to become solid
    • Thanks Chris Tekam and DavidBlocc for the bug reports
  • Updated the description with more details


Warning: this shader increases the required memory for rendering distant blocks, and is not suitable for low end devices.

This shader is compatible with Win10, IOS, and Android, but has only been briefly tested on Win10 and Android. Feedback and detailed bug reports are appreciated!

If borders appear around blocks (which can occur when used with regular resolution textures), increase the mipmap blur level in the resource settings by clicking the pack, and then the gear icon.


Supported Minecraft versions




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55 Responses

4.36 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-3146610175 says:

    bruh im lookin for water and sky textures tht ar blocky, why the fuck do ppl keep makin realistic water and sky textures, does it not make u cringe wtf

  2. Guest-9869244171 says:

    The limit where grass disappears is so annoying

  3. Help! I want to combine it with my shader, can you tell me which code in which file is for fixing the water? I only need the water.

    • xanion says:

      Hey Ahmad, the water fix uses both the renderchunk.vertex and .fragment files. Its a bit hard to explain “which code”, but basically there are a few lines in the .vertex file that calculate the distance of the water from the player and output the value to the fragment shader. In the .fragment file there are lines that import that value and use it to blend the water to a solid texture instead of becoming solid straight away.

      But the water fix is only needed if your water is broken in the first place, and if you have access to the water texture, you can just edit that to be solid instead of editing the shaders.

      Either way, good luck with your resource pack! Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

      • Fused Bolt says:

        thx, i am still a beginner to shaders so i dont know alot and you just gave me a great idea , i can just make the distant “solid water” texture be transparent as well. i am gonna try that and hopefully it works, the same i am gonna do with “solid leaves” cuz i have a texture pack and leaves have the same problem.

  4. Guest-4810998322 says:

    Even if I put the resource pack in, it doesn’t seem to work. How can I get it to work?

  5. Childee43 says:

    It says it’s win10 supported, but then it says it doesn’t support consoles because of the new renderdragon engine… Doesn’t win10 support the new renderdragon already? Been like that since the RTX beta came out, which was like 2 months ago.

    • xanion says:

      Hey Childee, thats right. The RTX beta version on win10 now uses the new render dragon engine, but the regular betas and main release versions still use the old engine and are supported. Plus, if you have the RTX beta, I don’t think you’d need this kind of shader anyway haha!

  6. KevinCraftGames says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you know how to fix something in the mcpe, is that the generation of chunks generates massive blocks first, such as grass block, stone, wood, leaves, …and another like grass, bamboo, flowers, plantations, etc … They only generate when you are close to them, I want to know if you know how to fix this, you can test try to put about 10 chunks and you will see,I don’t know if there is a way, but if you have someone like you, you are much more likely to find a solution, apart from that it would be a great resource

    • Lord_Khufu says:

      I’m just playing on 7 chunks usually so I didn’t get these, my Ipad could get to 16 chunks but it’s laggy asf

    • xanion says:

      Hey Kevin, I know what you mean. I’ve done some testing on what affects the distance that some transparent blocks (like grass, bamboo, doors) seem to suddenly disappear at, and it looks like it is directly linked to the render distance (looks like about 0.7x the distance). Its kind of like how mobs and other entities are set to suddenly disappear when they exit the simulation distance. Right now I have not found a way to change this..

  7. CubeMaster says:

    I needed this, But there actually a performance issue with Minecraft: Bedrock edition, It would be really good if you can fix it:
    Minecraft bedrock edition (Only bedrock i mean) is always trying to render through distant leaves transparent pixels, which costs a lot of performance while running +32 chunks, Leaves should not be transparent in +12 chunks, Because it is not noticeable! unless you are playing on a 8k monitor!…
    try yourself, Generate a world (jungle) check the % of GPU usage, turn fancy leaves off, then check again, it is 15 ~ 25% different for me (run 64 chunks) even though I see no changes in distance, I tried keeping the near chunks fancy & distant leaves fast, (by a temporary trick), its not different in distance, I mean it is not necessary to have it, I wish someone could fix this rendering issue. 5/5

    • xanion says:

      Hi CubeMaster, thanks for checking out my pack.
      Bedrock actually does try to improve the performance by making leaves (and some other blocks with transparency) completely solid in the distance – this is actually what my pack is trying to stop so that packs with more transparent/high res leaf textures don’t suddenly become blocky!
      But I do get what you mean, since the distance that the blocks go solid at is pretty far away when you have a 32+ render distance, and with a normal resolution pack the blocks could be solid even closer to save on performance and still not have a noticeable difference.
      The improvement in performance for bringing the “solid distance” closer would depend a lot on how much you reduce that distance though..
      If there are other people that want a “performance pack” for use with high render distances, then I might look into it.

      • CubeMaster says:

        Yep I want sth that can be used with Huge render distances.
        Thanks for this pack, really helpful.
        But what I understood is bedrock edition actually “tries” to render leaves transparency everywhere, but it makes no sense! just a GPU eater. I think I have already said do yourself:
        1. turn on fancy leaves – check gpu usage at the same time (go sth +32 render distance with a lot of leaves/forests around – Stand on a tree while doing all of this)
        2. turn fancy leaves off – reload world and check gpu usage again,
        3. Now while in game (dont reload) stand at where you are (still stand on tree)
        and turn on fancy leaves, break/place a block to reload the chunk around you, do it with some other chunks like 4-5 around you, just a single block to reload, now stand on the same tree. You can see that leaves are fancy but not in distance, But the image is the same in for example 18+ chunks aways, there is nothing to see through that leaf!
        this is absolutely a rendering issue, just don’t forget to check gpu usage each time.
        It should be fixed in render dragon or community must fix it… if this thing happens android players can enjoy higher render distances with minimal loss in fps. so yep bedrock needs a pack to fix this.

        • Shirocraft says:

          ah,, i see.. now i know why since Mc:Bedrock 1.2+ my phone got more laggy than before,plus drowned party bug xD
          if this fixed maybe i can get those 1.0 – 1.1 fps back
          anyway my phone is old Galaxy Note 4 exynos octacore with costom rom to squeze more performence ot of it,and it was good for minecraft pre better together

  8. KevinCraftGames says:

    Grasses and Bamboo are still not being affected, is this a bug? I tested it with the seaweed to see if it was working and everything was fine! Can you do something about it?

    • xanion says:

      Hey Kevin, thanks for testing the grass and bamboo. I tested a few other transparent blocks like doors and found that they are are still being unloaded too. Right now it looks like it is being done outside of what a shader can control, but I’ll keep looking for a solution.

  9. Hermit says:

    hello  xanion,
    I’m hermit ,Can I reprint your Vanilla Quality Unlimiter in to mcboxs?it not for commercial use and i willIndicate original author and source!

    • xanion says:

      Hey Hermit, thanks for asking. You can repost the shader if you’d like, though I haven’t heard of mcboxs. I’ve taken a look around and it seems that some other sites have already reposted it haha!

  10. Guest-2587034374 says:

    You think helio g70 can handle this with 16 chunks rendering distance?

  11. KevinCraftGames says:

    I downloaded it because I thought the grass was seriously affected, but it is not being, can you fix it for the next update?

  12. Guest-2026858102 says:

    Everything is good. This is definitely a must have although the glass, slime and honey blocks aren’t transparent. I am running this on a galaxy A50 and I am using 10 chunks for the render distance.
    Otherwise it’s the best shader on this platform!

    • xanion says:

      I wouldn’t go as far as the “best” shader, but I’m glad people are liking it! I’ve already submitted an update to fix transparent blocks, but its been pending for review by mcpedl for a couple days now. Hopefully it gets approved soon!

  13. Very good shader pack, definitely a must have shader for those without a custom shader. Wonder why Mojang didn’t do these tweaks to Windows 10 Edition shader. On my very bad laptop the pack doesn’t influence fps,but on my phone in a forest biome with 20 chunks render distance the slight fps drop is noticeable

    • xanion says:

      Thanks! Its good to hear the performance isn’t dropping too much during regular use. My guess is that Mojang is probably focused on getting their new render engine polished rather than tweaking the current vanilla shaders – and if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it haha

  14. Guest-6204306575 says:

    I’m also have the same problem of Guest-9194983767, but happen in blocks are far distance of me. In the most cases, the mountains that are affected.
    I’m use the windows 10 edition and the following resource pack:
    Invisible tweaks 1.3 by Dododonut14
    Dark mode by Offroaders123
    I’m using the vanilla quality inlimite in the top

    • xanion says:

      Thanks for the details on bug, I think I’ve found it. So normally when a leaf block is covered on all sides by other leaf blocks, it becomes solid (makes the leaves look denser in the middle). But my shader stops blocks in the distance from going solid, which makes clumps of leaves in the distance more see-through than they should be. Is this the bug you were describing?

  15. Guest-9194983767 says:

    There a bug where sometime birch leave can be invisible like x ray

    • xanion says:

      Hey, thanks for the bug report! I haven’t been able to get this bug to occur though. Could you tell me if you’re playing on win10 or mobile, and the names of any resource packs you’re using?

  16. Amazing pack! But somehow it makes the glass not transparent. As in you can’t see through the glass.

  17. Guest-9408475007 says:

    Oh please tell me this works for Xbox

  18. Guest-1034117644 says:

    In the next update can you do the same with grasses and bamboo? Seriously very incredible!

  19. Guest-6479076354 says:

    i dont see any change ingame

    • xanion says:

      Thats good! The pack’s main purpose is to fix the bugs shown in the screenshots, so if you didn’t have those bugs (or just have a really high render distance) then not much should change

  20. Guest-7663344947 says:

    This is extremely useful, thank you for making this. I play on windows 10 And I see no difference in the performance whatsoever. Can you please try to make a resource pack that increases the 12 chunk simulation limit.

    • Guest-5640357927 says:

      Increase your RAM if you want more chunk render distance it is completely reliant on your memory

    • xanion says:

      No worries, sounds like you’ve got a good pc! As for simulation distance, I’m pretty sure that its tied to the world settings and can’t be changed by a resource pack. Thanks for the suggestion though!

      • Guest-2129182812 says:

        I went into the mc files and changed render distance up to 32 chunks and I dont notice to much of a performance drop but file that controls the simulation distance is not in the same place so I have not found a way to increase the simulation distance(which controls things like crop growth, redstone updates, and mob rendering)

  21. Guest-7951334948 says:

    Thanks, this helped with those high resolution texture packs, now everything looks actually high definition from far away.

  22. Guest-3121318876 says:

    Amazing shader have been looking for this for a very long time!

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