Published on December 04, 2023 (Updated on March 18, 2024)

Vanillazed - Recrafted Update! (Bug-Fixes) (Compatible with 1.20.71)

You’re probably thinking “what’s Vanillazed about?” Good question, Vanillazed it’s an addon that adds new blocks, items, tools, and more. All featured in the vanilla style to make your game experience even better. Vanillazed is translated on english, spanish and portuguese.
Note: You can use this Addon in videos and Addonpacks, as long as you credit us!

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- Copper Bowl Craft was Fixed.
- Copper Beetroot Soup Craft was Fixed.
- Copper Blueberry Soup was Fixed.
- Copper Glowberry Soup was Fixed.
- Copper Mushroom Stew was Fixed.
- Copper Raspberry Soup was Fixed.
- Copper Sweetberry Soup was Fixed.
- Copper Tomato Soup was Fixed.

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it would be cool if you made a addon just with the hammers
the link isnt working it keep sending to google and not to the download link
Can you add the monkey in a future update?
Hello i think you mistake the crafting recipe of sweet berry in copper bowl it should be two berry and one bowl right but it two copper bowl and one berry!!!!
very nice mod, the copper leggings however don't seem to be working recipes for other copper armor appear. Have tried deleting re-downloading and reinstalling the mod.
Y los craneos de mobs tilín?
Ahi en el addon tilín, los olvide mencionar 🤓
also about the portal mod, idk if you seen it, but I recommend if you need inspiration to check mostly the portal mod