Varga the Ice Lord Boss [Fixed]

The cold ice spikes has never been this dangerous before, Varga, the Ice Lord has awoken from his slumber and ready to reak havoc upon the world followed by his ice men.can you defeat Varga?

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-fixed Ice men spawn rate, they now spawn in ice plains, ice spikes and thundra.

-fixed Ice men bug where they spawn in the grassy plains

-Changed Sounds



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chevalier de glace de taille normal svp
please make ice man spawn only in ice biome and decrease their spawn rate. they spawn literally every biome and its not good. they attack creeper. I afk farm my exp farm and there's a lot of explosion and holes then I die because my farm had a hole from creeper explosion. it basically broke the world. explosion everywhere....
Bro what is the point of adding those Ice Men?
Suggestion: Maybe you could add a new drop for the Ice Men which is an item to craft the Ice Lord's Amulet, that will make their existence more interesting and useful.

Well for a rating: i didn't really like the textures tbh, both the item and the mobs. But i like the way you modeled it. And the concept of this addon is kinda... Great? I mean it's simple and all. So yeah, 7.4/10
i made the ice men drop ice so that you don't have to grind for diamonds and obsidian to get a silk touch pickaxe to get ice