Published on September 04, 2023 (Updated on September 17, 2023)

Withered Warrior V2 Update

Helloooo!! i'm MMB and i present to you another Addon that it's made by me, Skullzilla, Sblextrws and nafgibsoiraM. The Withered Warrior is a warrior infused with the wither's essence and soon became corrupted, a mindless warrior seeking for a worthy opponenthis stats will be down below as well as a video example.

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-Withered Warrior now has a new model!

-Did some changes in his animations

-Retextured the slashes particles

-Added new skill



  • witheredwarrior.mcaddon (208.93 KB)
  • WitheredWarriorV2.mcaddon (98.57 KB)

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