Published on November 05, 2023

Village Master Addon

Adds the Village Master, the strongest (idk) Villager Boss, with 4 abilities that are related to the element of Earth. He is not just a villager, he is the Village Master. All of his stats are gonna be written below along with his Lore.

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-Did some changes regarding the Village Master Clones.

-Buffed up Village Master with natural regeneration



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reddishcocktail18522 November 06, 2023 at 12:54 am
Add from new update. Make him immune to hit villager, add new villager called Villager Leader hp 3865. Damage 538. Special abilities. Sends more armored villager soldier from many illager
. Can Deal Shockwave Every She hit illager. Can heal villager and himself, can switch melee to longer range. armored villager soldier hp 589. Damage. 46 with animation and abilities. With shield can defend himself in combat, can switch melee to longer range.
if i have time and motivations to do so