Warden Concept Add-on

Gives you the experience of one of the upcoming Minecraft caves and cliffs update new mob that showed on the Minecraft live 2020, it’s known as the Warden!!      

Warden is mob showed on the latest Minecraft live in this year, this add-on adding them to your game with the same functionality that showed on the live!


Has full health: 150

The damage cost: 21 damage in one hit, so make sure you having a good protection before start fighting it!!

Has main spawn underground on caves in: 32 high level

They too has the glow ability as we seen on live:

Roar ability:

We not quite sure about the actual abilities of warden so I added this from my own!

Except here is the scary funny walk of the Warden like we seen on the live:

leave a comment if there’s any bug on the add-on and thanks!!! ❤


After downloading the .McFadden file apply it to your Minecraft then apply it on your world, do not forget to activate the experimental gameplay button before use the add-on!!


Supported Minecraft versions


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18 Responses

4.63 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Endermatt says:

    the warden is so easy to kill like it does not move fast it moves like a snail it supposed to charge on you

  2. Imaginus says:

    I’m sorry but this isn’t the Warden we saw from the Minecraft Live. I mean, the Warden we saw sways its head and body forwards and backwards as it walks like as if it has a broken leg, backbone, or something. Whereas the Warden in this add-on sways sideways. I hope you fix this if you aim to build a great imitation of the original 😀

  3. Sansboss1234 says:

    Can u make it so it actually senses vibration pls and the speed for warden is speed 2 my friend complains its to slow but even tho its like that its still awesome

  4. MinerGuys says:

    this mod is UNREPLACEABLE!
    Can I review this pack on my YouTube channel, if yes then I will link to download in description and give you a shout-out.

  5. PrinceMJ says:

    Awesome Concept Add-on I Remember Your 1.16 Concept Add-on Great Job On This One Again I Had Fun Reviewing This On My Channel Same With Your Other Add-ons Good Luck My Guy!

  6. Woah this is cool thx for making this

  7. Ubersonic Gaming says:

    cool addon

  8. SukMasu says:

    I’ll wait for julien’s, it has some extra features

  9. AleGamer930i1 says:

    Tiene lo del ruido?

  10. I can’t download, it said it was a invalid zip archive

  11. _.fallen.1._ says:

    Does this have the noise mechanic?

  12. Chad Man says:

    Do you need to have the beta to use this add-on?

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