Wizards Add-On [1.14]

Looking for a new form of defense for your Village? I got the mob for you! Meet the Wizard. He is a powerful Villager with magical powers, strong enough to beat the likes of Pillagers!

The Wizard

This is what the Wizard looks like in-game. He uses a similar skin found in the app Minecraft Add-on Maker. I customized the given skin to give it my own little twist. You can find him roaming around in the Overworld surface during the night, and will sometimes stay around in Villages in different groups from 2-4.

  1. Health – 30 Health. I gave him this amount of Health so that he can stand a chance against the Pillagers and other mobs
  2. Damage – 3 Damage per hit. He only has one form attack
  3. Abilities – Shulker Bullets and Teleportation. He can shoot Shulker Bullets in front of him when aggro. He will also randomly teleport when roaming, and will teleport extremely quickly when his target is too far away
  4. Drops – 3 Emeralds and 5 Bottle O’ Enchanting

Wizard Attack

If the Wizard is near an Illager, he will automatically be aggressive towards the Illager. Here you can see that the Wizard managed to shoot 2 Pillagers up into the air… Yes, the wizards are very dangerous! Especially in large numbers. 

The Wizard will be aggressive towards Illagers, but if he sees a Ravager, he will run away! The Wizards also thinks he’s too powerful to directly attack Zombies, so he will not be aggressive towards them unless he is attacked.

Death Drops

Upon his unfortunate death, he will drop 3 Emeralds and 5 XP Bottles. These can be used for your liking

That’s about it for this Add-On. No updates are planned for this one unless my helper and I find any bugs. If you enjoyed the add-on let me know down below. If you dislike the add-on or have issues with it you can tell me what’s wrong and I’ll do my best to respond back. If you need help with anything I’ll try my best to help out! (For example: How do I import my add-on from MCAddon Maker to MCPEDL? How do I make custom Entities spawn naturally? Etc. You can DM on Twitter @LambDProVEVO, Insta @lambdpro_vevo, Discord Lamb ate your homework#2898)

This Add-On requires Experimental Gameplay to work. Also, this add-on was tested to work with 1.14 or higher. Yes, you must install the Zip files and export them into Minecraft, if you have the right tools you can do it easy and for free. Thanks :3


  1. Follow the links
  2. Click download
  3. Extract with 7Zipper
  4. Turn on Experimental Gameplay
  5. Join and Play!


Supported Minecraft versions


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15 Responses

5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Guest-1321923344 says:

    Great for add-on maker. I made some Addons, but kinda only like it for weapons cuz I can’t give sounds or normal xp. But knowing that it’s good.

  2. Guest-8823273163 says:

    Hi, I can’t see the wizard, he shoots random mobs and I see teleportation particles but he’s invisible.

  3. Guest-2208223551 says:

    Another good addon

  4. Guest-1600302634 says:

    He tenido un problema hize todo los requisitos pero el mago me sale invisible

  5. Guest-4056761600 says:

    El mod es muy bueno pero tengo un fallo con el mod, por que creo el mundo y le activo el modo experimental, y cuando empiezo a jugar en supervivencia en pocos segundos el juego se cierra automáticamente, pero es por el addon por que he tenido otros mod y estos no me cierran el mundo automáticamente. Quisiera saber si es posible arreglarlo por que el addon es fantástico

  6. Guest-3811378660 says:

    You download 7Zipper (or something of the likes) and export the file into the Behavior and Resource packs in Minecraft (This is LambDPro, I’m not logged in)

  7. Guest-8984287390 says:

    How do i use the zip file and make it into a .mcpack or something like that to start importing to mc. Im on an android device with a file explorer

    • Guest-5297118477 says:

      You download 7Zipper (or something of the likes) and export the file into the Behavior and Resource packs in Minecraft (This is LambDPro, I’m not logged in)

  8. odarmamx says:

    It would be awesome if this addon does not need experimental gameplay, but sadly, it does :'(

  9. Guest-6841102256 says:

    Can you authorize me to reprint this Addons to the Chinese Minecraft.What I need is business authorization.

  10. Guest-6373649061 says:

    Cool addon,hey can you add a little more like Villager with Crossbow and villager with axe?

    • LambDPro says:

      We are not planning any future updates, but we will take this into consideration (mostly because there’s already Villager Knights on MCPEDL) My partner and I will think about it, thanks!

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