WW2 Battlemaps (Cancelled Project)

WW2 Battlemaps is a series of maps that will explore various battles and fronts of WW2, From the Pacific to the Beaches of Normandy till the end battle at Berlin. 

(Note This is still at a beta stage guns and more maps will be added soon)

WW2 Battlemaps

In this Add-on you’ll be taken to various battles and fronts of World War 2 such as the Pacific, Russia, France etc. The maps are well Designed and include great detail it’s is great for both Vanilla and Modded PvP. The Weapons are Historically Accurate and are well designed to fit the intensity of the battles. Each map has a kill counter to count the Casualties of each side(The first team to lose 100 points Loses) The map is Still in the Beta version so it includes only one map osterbreek and weapons will be added in the next update along with 2 more maps.

Here’s list of weapons to be added in the Next update.






Gewehr 42

M24 Stielhandgranate

Allied/Russian Weapons

Mosin Nagant



Tokarev pistol


RG Stick Grenade


Satchel Charge

Bayonet Knife 


The Germans are launching an attack on a important Bridgehead in freezing conditions to secure the Advancement of thier Armoured Columns but the Soviets are Determined to stop the German Advance. The Axis spawn in a logging camp and must swiftly Advance while the Russians spawn at the Estate of Osterbreek and must Quickly mount an Defensive around the bridge.

So that’s it for this Beta Version hope you Enjoy the First map

Changelog View more

Project has been Cancelled and will not be updated in the future

Repaired the Mcworld File due to reports that it failed to import 

Removed The Iron Cross and Hammer and sickle from the thumbnail cause why not

Added more Pictures in the main description as requested by the Mcpedl team


For mcworld just go to download folder and click on the Downloaded file then select Minecraft 

For zip Files after downloading the File extract/decompress it then copy the Extracted files and then go to Games>Mojang>Worlds then paste it there


Supported Minecraft versions

Discontinued / Outdated

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  1. StephenWolff1 says:

    I’m already doing one for Battle of Berlin
    I’ve been working on it since early June
    If u want to help me work on it you’re always welcomed to

  2. Cheesecal says:

    Nice map komrade!.

  3. Amon321 says:

    Thanks, Great Ships btw 😄

  4. Checkmate! We’re both WW2 map creator.haha love it!

  5. EarthGrimYT says:

    Cool map me and my friends had a battle on this. I hope iwo jima is gonna come soon!

  6. Tai The God5409 says:

    Download doesn’t work can you share me a media fire download please I would love to play this and it looks great. Keep going can’t wait to see more!

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