Published on April 26, 2019

1.5 Height Sneak Mod (ModPE)

Sneak through 1.5 block high gaps, as previewed for Minecraft. This feature was not included in Minecraft Bedrock's 1.11 Village and Pillage Update, to the dismay of many players. Using this minimalistic mod with no GUI or annoying messages popping up on screen, you can sneak through 1.5 block high gaps rather than only 2.



  • 1.5_Height_Sneak.js

Supported Minecraft versions

Epicplays Minecraft [EM] April 13, 2021 at 5:56 am
Notch is creator of minecraft
/kill @e[type=google,bing]
Make an iOS version PLEASE
Learn to read that this is a mod not an addon PLEASE
It doesn’t work because I don’t have block launcher
wonder why???
Ikr :)
it was introduced in 1.14.2 on java edition so its most likely going to be release in the next pe update
Nope, they've said it isn't coming to Bedrock
No It's Not!
he just asked you why
Add the crawling mod pls and put it together in this mod
The link does not work
If you on chrome press 3 dot on top right from screen, and click download icon not text.
I can say, this mod it's really cool, thanks for making this mod 7THSHARK.
just copy it into clipboard and create text file , paste it and that text file rename to yourname.js
I dont understand
Fix the link. Or tell people to press the download button on chrome to get it. That's how I did it.
You cant download, its only script,
No, tap the 3 dot icon then tap the download icon
can you add this mod to minecraft win10?
No mod launcher YET on Minecraft Windows 10
its for android