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Capricorn PE Shaders

Capricorn PE Shaders is a package of shaders for the game Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This shaders package has lots of features that will make Minecraf Bedrock Edition better but does not make lag.Shaders can be used on Low- end because these shaders are very simple but very realistic which will make the game Minecraft Bedrock Edition become much more realistic and beautiful.








Features from this shaders package.

Capricorn PE Shaders 2.8 v2.8.0 :

  1. Staining the light of a torch.
  2. Realistic shadow.
  3. Wavy and moving water.
  4. Waving plants.
  5. Realistic sunlight.
  6. Day and night light.
  7. The sky is twisted.
  8. Tonemap coloring.
  9. Fog
  10. Nether code.
  11. Block side shadows.
  12. Rain Effect
  13. Saturation
  14. Auto Exposure

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Fixed some bugs and shaders that didn't support windows 10.


Capricorn PE Shaders

For:Minecraft (Andoid/iOS) V1.6-V1.16

Contact Information 



Facebook:Scropio Graphics

Discord:Scorpio Graphics#3236

Website:Scorpio Graphics


This texture contain Copyright.


Please read this agreement until the end:

– You are allowed to make videos or pictures with my shaders (YouTube, Twitch, …).

– You are allowed to modify my shaders ONLY for yourself!

– You are not allowed to claim my shaders as your own! (Don’t ask me for permissions!)

– You are not allowed to redistribute and/or reupload it!

– You are not allowed to use content of my shaders!

– If you like to share my shaders, please share it with a link to My lINK!

– You are not allowed to use links or any other URL-shortener! (Except and

– If you modified something or use my development shaders, please leave a note.

– Don't make apk with my shaders

– Otherwise you will receive STRIKE

Please consider my agreement.

– Thank you.


Mojang Studios: Thanks for keep updating the Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

My donators: Thank you all for supporting me!

You: Thanks for downloading and playing with my texture! ;)

Designevo : Thank you for the logo maker!


Copyright (C) Scorpio Graphics - All Rights Reserved


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2.74 / 5 (54 votes)
its not working, shaders never work for me idk why its so weird
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I can't see anything, everything is just eyesearing blue, please help
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This pack Has a bug on the villagers clothes, they wasnt with the clothes of the professions, only with the normal skin, i wait this is fixed.
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I think it looks cool but for me some of the textures are pure white? And it's not always the same textures, which is confusing
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Are you going to make one for Aries? I would appreciate it if you do! :D
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the shader is very nice, though it's very bright and very sacheraed, also the plants turn white and so does the water
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Very Great Shader!
Best Shader Ever!
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Hi, I'm on google drive page and if I download this shader it's dissappear HELP!
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its a pretty shader, but some parts of the water are white, including seagrass? is that a bug with the shader or is that just me?
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I Love This Mod the bad thing is that whenever i place a torch in my house it looks like im baking something in there but im not
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Roses are red
Violets are blue
my frames... they go boom
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