Published on February 07, 2022 (Updated on April 14, 2022)

KS10 Renewed (Windows 10 32 BIT)

KS10 Renewed is a shader pack for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Windows 10 32BIT) game. This shaders pack is changing some aspects of the Minecraft (Windows 10 32BIT) game to make it much more realistic such as lighting, coloring, water, sky, rain, shadows, nether, etc. This shader is also quite heavy and can only be used for powered devices.

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KS10 Renewed v1.1.0 Update:

  1. Dirtlight direction change.
  2. Adding side shadows on non-full blocks like grass.
  3. Increases brightness when it rains.
  4. Adding puddles when it rains.
  5. Water will not reflect light when in shadow.
  6. Update detection.
  7. Use a brightness of 100 for a better experience.
  8. BUGS Fixes



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Doesn't even work
Make the shader work on the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock because it now added RenderDragon which makes Shaders not work. So make it work properly using 1.18.30 and beta versions.
KS10 Shader Now Works On Android & iOS Using 1.18.30 Because it's Render Dragon
no renderdragon make it doesn't work for any platform
Is the nether fixed yet?
Hi, I have a problem that I want you to fix. I am on Minecraft Education Edition 1.17.32 and when I go to the nether, the 1.16 blocks are broken and look bad. Also there is zombie pigman instead of zombified piglins which is the new one and the horses and donkeys look like their old and I mean old models. Please fix this if you can because this is a good shader that is a bit laggy but managable when on 6 render distance.
shutup and take my stars XD , is there any edit to sunmoon place to texture instead?
The shader looks very good, but I think the new Minecraft update glitched it all because the player is invisible and everything else just looked like normal Minecraft without shaders. I am on Minecraft Windows 10 x86, and the shader was working fine like weeks

Edit: Its now working it's just that i had to update to the latest Minecraft bedrock x86 version to use it.
amazing shader! thank you very much for thinking about the x86 ones.

the player's shadow looks bad, could you post a code to disable it?
Go to KS10 Renewed v1.0.0\shaders\hlsl\Set\Setting.h then go to line 74 and give // in #define PLAYER_SHADOW.

Like this //#define PLAYER_SHADOW
How do I use google drive????
It's good, but I didn't like the shadow of the player I would like a version without it
Water doesn't look good compared to other shaders that work in Minecraft Windows x86
If you want to disable the shadow player feature you can do so in KS10 Renewed v1.0.0\shaders\hlsl\Set\Setting.h
You can read the procedure there to understand.
if you don't like water because of its color you can change the color in KS10 Renewed v1.0.0\shaders\hlsl\Set\Color.h