Published on January 18, 2021 (Updated on January 18, 2021)

Cinematic Cameras

Have you ever wanted a tool that you can use to create cinematic scenes? You're in luck! This function pack/addon uses commands to add up to 4 billion cinematic scenes that you can use in whatever way you'd like!

Quick thanks to dakonblackrose for the idea and for creating the thumbnail for my showcase video.

This pack uses functions to create cinematic scenes. Scenes are based on things called "checkpoints" and "anchorpoints," checkpoints are used to set the points which the camera pans to, anchorpoints are used to set the points which the camera faces.

In order for a scene to work, it requires at least 2 checkpoints and an anchorpoint.

As stated earlier, you have up to 4 billion scenes you can use and 2 billion checkpoints you can use per scene, though I really would not recommend using nearly that many if you actually care for your performance.

No experimental required!
Works on Realms!

This pack comes with plenty of commands that can be used to manipulate your cinematics.

function next_scene and function prev_scene

These commands are used to cycle through and create new scenes.

function play_scene

This command is used to play the current camera scene on the player the command is run as.

function stop_scene

This command is used to stop all playing camera scenes.

function show_scene and function hide_scene

Used to show and hide the particles on the selected scene.

function info

Displays the selected scene number, camera speed and number of checkpoints in the current scene.

function shortcuts

Gives spawn eggs that can be used as shortcuts to place checkpoints and anchorpoints.

function remove_last_checkpoint

Removes the last checkpoint placed in the selected scene.

Showcase video

  • Running '/kill @e' while using this pack WILL remove all your scenes and checkpoints, please be careful.


  • If you plan on using this pack for any creations of yours, I won't ask for much, but please credit me, I'd really appreciate it.
  • Installing this pack is pretty simple, import the pack into Minecraft as you would with any other pack, apply it to your world, now you're ready to use the pack!


  • Cinematic-Camera-Beh.mcaddon
  • Cinematic-Camera-Beh.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

thanks for your cool work
thanks for your cool work
Did someone knows how to change camera speed???
This comment has been removed
camera is available in vanilla actually but we must using NBT editor and that was tiring for get camera in every world, this addon is help us to get camera easier, very helpful, have not mind it before
Vanilla Cameras Suck, This Is Not Made With Vanilla Cameras It's Made With Command And A Lot Of Work
This will help me a lot
Then why is your rating 4 stars
OMG! Best cinematic Addon hands down. This helps me so much!!
It's really good the addon's still like this, friend✌️
Didn't test yet, but look amazing !