Eden – Progression + Content Addon

This addon was started to enhance our survival realm and grew into something well beyond! It will restructure how the entire game is played, making not only a new fresh experience with minecraft, but a great time to share with friends! Recipes are adjusted to be a bit costly, this is on purpose to promote working with friends!

When you start, you will be able to craft wooden tools. However, you will need to quickly craft a primitive bench in order to refine bindings into stone tier tools and above! All equipment crafting has been modified and a new tier, steel, has been added. Diamonds can now be refined into mithril at the chemistry factory to create mithril.

There is a lot of new information to learn. Thankfully all changes and information about the addon have been uploaded and maintained at

We plan to release further content updates as well! If you have ANY questions at all about the addon feel free to message me on discord at TTastic#9132

Again, some things may act funny because this is tailored to run on our realm. 99% of the content should be fine but with any mistakes or bugs, please reach out to me and Id be happy to fix them!

Oveall this addon adds:

– Over 5 new entities to discover in the world, some friendly and others not

– A new tier, steel, that is required to move ahead

– Diamond tier being reworked into mithril

– Custom music on the overworld and nether

– Tons of unique recipes and items

– At least three new plants in the overworld

– Ore deposits that spawn on the surface and contain iron, silver, and salt

– Many other exciting things!


DISCORD: TTastic#9132   (feel free to message me with any questions)



Hope you enjoy!

A friendly cactoise, they spawn in the desert!

Some caged goblins, be careful, they spawn in the dark!

Ghosts and a sulfur deposit found in the nether and needed to refine diamonds into mithril!

These are the existing 13 new workbenches that can be crafted! There is an in game menu in your inventory you can open to see their recipes! Start with the primitive bench and work your way up to the chemistry bench and writing table so you can produce mithril and XP!

Pictured in the top right is the “Cart”. You can build one of these at the carpenters bench and ride it around or pull it with a lead! It also has one full chest of inventory! A great way to travel early game!

Many new changes and exciting features await you in Eden! This is an ore golem! It disguises itself as an iron ore deposit on the surface. Be careful, they pack a punch!

Make sure to visit our Wiki and feel free to contribute or message me with any questions!

Changelog View more
Removed the old mcaddon that was not functionating correctly, replaced the new link with one that it!

Fixed the mcaddon, sorry! If you downloaded the first one just add the BP and RP manually!

I added more in game photos to the description at the request of the editor


Just install the MCADDON file and you should be good to go!

Make sure to create a new world!


Supported Minecraft versions


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35 Responses

4.92 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. AdventureKing123 says:

    Hey I love this though there are a few bugs like you have to kill the cart to get your items I’ve spent hours searching and I can’t find a portal so if you put in a function command to give you the coordinates of the nearest one that would be helpful, plus I tried some stuff you aren’t supposed to be able to do in creative and it still works like the nether portal for instance. Thanks that I believe is all the bugs I’ve Encountered. Thanks for the great add-on I love it’s giving me and my friends a great time. Thanks! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  2. Seccad says:

    How to create your own guide menu for recipes?

  3. Akri says:

    Hello, from Blackstone Depths XD
    Here’s a late present
    Thanks for the dope addon, yo.

  4. VTOL6 says:

    I love this mod pack with friends, it makes it a blast. I was wondering when the next update would come out and do you guys think you would add magic?

  5. Arc Wizard says:

    I can’t instal this add-on on pe

  6. DevastatorX5 says:

    Does this run scripts coz I wanna use it on my own server but since I use mobile it won’t let me join if there a scripts I’ll credit you guys if it works.

  7. TTastic says:

    Just a heads up guys, all links are correct now! Thank you so much to those who voted and have reached out to me! You should now be able to one-click install from the download!

    Reach out with any questions on discord! TTastic#9132
    Peace and love,

    • fllaming_60 says:

      Hey i was wondering if I could make a video for your mod. I would put your name in the description and tell them where to get it. Ps. How do stamina factory’s work

  8. cidercidercider says:

    Beautiful addon, complete package for revamped progression and hours of extended playability for members of our server. Great work!!

  9. CosmicCraftersBuildTeam says:

    Sorry, actually meant Bedrock Plus.



  10. WhisperDL says:

    Great Addon 5 Stars Love the Wait… Ghosts and Goblins…

  11. TTastic says:

    The current download is now working, thanks everyone for waiting while MCPEDL updated the submission! When downloading please make sure to only download the file “EDEN020_1602616420.mcaddon” and it will install automatically when you click it after the download!

    I hope you all enjoy and if you have any questions please discord me at TTastic#9132

    Peace and love,

  12. auronxr says:

    Hey! This addon looks very cool and I am very interested in trying it out. I play on Windows 10, and I’m
    just wondering what you mean by re-naming the file, thankyu for ur time

  13. AdventureKing123 says:

    I love the Add-On but I can’t get to wiki,
    Please Help!!

  14. TTastic says:


    This was my first time trying to use a .mcaddon. It did not work. The addon will work if you manually add the behavior and resource pack to your game files. I have already submitted a corrected version and am waiting on MCPEDL to approve it! You can simply rename the .mcaddon to .zip to get to the files until MCPEDL fixes with the new link!

    Feel free to get ahold of me with any questions!

    • Javo_145 says:

      It doasn’t matter the important is doing a good addon, because today there is too difficult to see a good addon in minecraft bedrock(if I talk about textures packs, I don’t tell you…)

  15. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:


  16. We will watch your career with great interest

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