Published on June 14, 2020 (Updated on March 21, 2022)

More Food

If you are tired of the same food as always, this addon is for you because it adds 79 new foods for our survival world, This addon will add a new loot of pork that would be the bacon that we can cook.

This Addon adds 79 new foods that you can get in your survival world, the foods with how much they regenerate would be the following (food, nutrtion):

-Apple ice cream. 5                      -Cooked bacon 5

-Bacon. 2                                     -Egg sandwich 5

-Beef sandwich. 9                         -Fried egg 4

-Berry ice cream. 5                       -Jam 3

-Bread with jam. 4                         -Melon ice cream 5

-Cheese. 3                                   -Porkchop sandwich 9

-Cheese sandwich. 5                    -Slice bread 1

-Chicken sandwich. 7                    -Slice cheese 1

-Chocolate ice cream. 5               -Chocolate 2

-Cone 1                                         -Cactus fruit 2

-Corn 2                                            -Cornbread 5

-Knife                                           -Tortilla 2

-Beef taco 9                                  -Porkchop taco 9

-Chicken taco 7                             -Banana 1

-Banana donut 6                           -Banana ice cream 5

-Strawberry ice cream 5               -Donuts 4

-Chocolate donut 6                      -Jam donut 6

-Strawberry donut 6                      -Strawberry jam 3

-Pizza 8                                          -Strawberry 2

-Strawberry seeds                     -Banana seeds

-Grape donut 6                             -Orange 2

-Kiwi 2                                           -Grapes 2

-Chocomilk 4                                 -Strawberry juice 3

-orange juice 3                              -Melon  juice 3

-Kiwi juice 3                                  -Grape juice 3

-Berries juice 3                             -Banana juice 3

-Apple juice 3                               -Glass of milk 4

-Orange ice cream 5                    -Kiwi ice cream 5

-Grape ice cream 5                      -Glass

-Chocomilk powder                   -Juice dispenser

-Chicken leg 2                              -Toasted bread 1

-French fries 5                              -Chicken soup 6

-Oven                                        -Toaster

-Salt                                          -Pineapple juice 3

-Mango juice 3                            -Cherry juice 3

-Pineapple jam 3                        -Mango jam 3

-Cherry jam 3                              -Pineapple ice cream 5

-Mango ice cream 5                   -Cherry ice cream 5

-Pineapple donut 6                    -Mango donut 6

-Cherry donut 6                         -Pineapple 2

-Mango 1                                    -Cherries 1

-Bread with pinapple jam 4        -Bread with strawberry jam 4

-Bread with cherry jam 4            -Bread with mango jam 4

-Bread with grape jam 4  

You can do the following command to get all the new objects that the update adds: "/ function cosas_nuevas"

The crafting would be the following:

Egg sandwich.

Watermelon ice cream.


Cooked egg.


Bacon cooked.


Chocolate ice cream.





Cheese sandwich.



Cheese slice.


Bread with jam.




Berry ice cream.


Chicken sandwich. (There is a bug in crafting but it is already fixed)


Porkchop sandwich.


Beef sandwich.



Slice of bread.


Apple ice cream.






Cactus fruit









Beef taco



Chicken taco



Porkchop taco



Banana ice cream



Strawberry ice cream






Banana donut



Chocolate donut



Jam donut



Strawberry donut



Strawberry jam











Banana seeds


Chocomilk powder

Grape donut

Grape ice cream

Kiwi ice cream

Orange ice cream

Glass of milk

Chicken leg

Chicken soup

French fries

Bread with cherry jam

Bread with grape jam

Bread with mango jam

Bread with pineapple jam

Bread with strawberry jam

Cherry donut

Mango donut

Pineapple donut

Cherry ice cream

Mango ice cream

Pineapple ice cream

Cherry jam

Grape jam

Mango jam

Pineapple jam



Juice dispenser

These crafts only work
in the juice dispenser 👇


Apple juice

Banana juice

Berries juice

Grape juice

Kiwi juice

Melon juice

Orange juice

Strawberry juice


Cherry juice

Mango juice

Pineapple juice




In the oven you can only use it for cooking
any type of raw meat




These crafts only work
in the toaster 👇

Toasted bread


To get the corn you must break a block of corn that was randomly generated by the world, breaking it will give you between 2-3 corn.

You can plant the corn in a block of grass/dirt, when you click on the grass it will automatically generate a block of corn, but a corn will be removed from your inventory.



To get the strawberries you must break a bush of strawberry that are generated by the forest, jungle and plains biomes, each bush can give you 1-2 strawberries and 1-2 strawberry seeds, you can plant yourself by right clicking on the grass with the strawberry seeds.



You can get bananas by breaking the bananas that will be in the palms that are generated in the sand of the beach and desert biomes.


You can plant the banana seeds on any block of sand to plant a palm.

These trees will be generated naturally the biomes of: forest, plains and jungle, by breaking its leaves you could give oranges or sprouts of this same tree


This type of trees will be found in the biomes of: forest, savana and birch forest, breaking its leaves He will give you his sapling or kiwis.

You can find this mango tree naturally in plains biomes, birch forest and savanna.

You can find this cherry tree too naturally in plains biomes, birch forest and savanna.

You can find pineapple plants naturally in plains biomes and forests.

You can find the salt mineral by mining and in the caves, when you break it, it will give you the salt


The egg and the bacon can be put on the campfire to cook them and also in the smoker.


Bacon is achieved by killing the pigs, and if you kill the pig by burning it it will give you the cooked bacon.


If you want to make a video of this addon, leave the download link on this page and / or give me credits at least in the description.

My YouTube channel

The textures are made by me, if you want to use one you can contact me on my Instagram which is in any video on my channel.


Select version for changelog:


-Fixed bugs with the geometries of some blocks

- Changed the geometry of the oven, the banana and the corn bush

-Corn texture changed

- Changed the areas where the pineapples come out


  • Delete the latest version you have from the minecraft files and install the newest one.

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The packs are great but while the previous version was working perfectly but this one is not even showing anything. Its not working so I just had to re-install previous one meanwhile this one is fixed :(
NVM Im dumb . I forgot to activate the whole -holiday, creation & additional- from the experimental and now everything works!
Hola Jony Gamer. Resulta que no me genera ni la sal ni el maiz por el mundo. Utilizo la version 1.17 en Pc. Alguna solucion para este problema? Gracias.
lol this addon makes me hungey irl even though, I'm on a diet.
Just a question why is the food in different language ?
because the creator created the items in other language
Hi Can I Use This On My Modpack? I Will Give Credit To You If Yes

Its Ok If Not I Will still appreciate Your Work
Sure yes bro, as long as you leave the credits all good.
the textures look minecraft beta-ish
It's just food. ten out of ten
The download link doesnt work, just getting Adflu
I can't get this mod to work on my server, it is fully updated. I know it isn't Experimental gameplay because I can't get that on the Server and the mod supposedly dosen't require this, the mod dosen't work at all for me can someone plz explain this or help me troubleshoot?
Pls make the corn block generation less common
I have a problem. The generation of the corn cube. Lag the Server