Published on August 01, 2020 (Updated on June 02, 2021)

Plus Addon

Do you want to see new things in your minecraft world like a new mineral, a squirrel, the tools and emerald armor? If so, this addon is for you.

This addon adds a great variety of items and weapons that are not in minecraft and that would be more useful for your world.

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- Updated for newer versions

- Topaz sword damage decreased

- Now the topaz armor is in parts like a normal one

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i was gonna make a addon like this Im mad but happy
Duuude, the new biome.... The yellow biome... If one block catches on fire, the whole thing spreads out and doesn't stop burning, turning into a sea of fire, resulting into massive lag
Why does the squirrel look like someone put a lemur, a pastel marker, and a pint of orange dye into a blender?
Quick suggestion, you should nerf the topaz as it wouldn't be as rare as diamond-that said, you should buff the emerald weapons and armour
Grizzly bear : they act like polarbear but attack animals that drop meat and fish too will spawn in taiga biomes in group of 1-2 sometime spawn in cave in taiga biomes in group of 1
Deer : they act as food source sometime they have grazing animation and will hop around like rabbit do they will spawn in taiga or forest biome in group of 5-8 the stag will attack the attacker sometime go to tree and drop 2 horns and doe will panic from attacker and can be milk but both of them avoid from wolves and grizzly bears
And lastly add
Bass : they act like cod but spawn in swamp in the water