Published on August 01, 2020 (Updated on June 02, 2021)

Plus Addon

Do you want to see new things in your minecraft world like a new mineral, a squirrel, the tools and emerald armor? If so, this addon is for you.

This addon adds a great variety of items and weapons that are not in minecraft and that would be more useful for your world.

This addon adds a new mineral with basic game tools and armor, adds emerald tools and armor (replaces chainmail), a new biome with yellow grass, and a new type of tree with yellow wood, 5 new weapons with a lot of damage, a squirrel, an acorn.

That would be what this addon adds, below I will explain everything:

New biome:


The biome will come out as frequently as the plains biome so it won't be that difficult to find.

This biome adds a new type of grass and a new type of tree which will only be generated in this biome.

This tree adds a new type of wood with which you can make yellow planks to decorate your home.


By breaking the leaves of the tree (which will not break alone as usual) you will have a chance to drop acorns with which you can feed the squirrels, which will not help, you can also eat them and it will take away 1 hunger ( half a hunger bar).

The tree also has a new type of wood that when put on a work table will give you yellow wooden planks to decorate.




The mineral that the addon adds is topaz, which you already know from my my mineral addon, this mineral can be found below layer 32, this mineral adds the basic tools and an armor, here I will put their crafting and the description of each item.


Topaz sword: Damage 7 Durability 1225


Topaz axe: Damage 6 Durability 1086


Topaz pickaxe: Damage 5 Durability 1086


Topaz shovel: Damage 3 Durability 1086


Topaz hoe: Durability 1086




Emerald tools are crafted in the same way that we already know from minecraft vanilla.


Emerald armor replaces chain mail armor, so you can no longer have it.

Here I will leave the crafting and information of each tool:


Emerald sword: Damage 7 Durability 874


Emerald axe: Damage 5 Durability 816


Emerald pickaxe: 4 Damage Durability 756


Emerald shovel: Damage 3 Durability 856


Emerald hoe: Durability 756






The squirrel is an animal that will appear in any daytime biome, these animals will be useless (for now) but they will release acorns and rabbit fur, which when you collect 4 on a crafting table will give you normal leather.




Now let's talk about the new weapons that this addon adds, in total there are 5 weapons that it adds and each one has a greatly increased damage to normal, but they will be very expensive to craft but they are totally worth it.

Diamond Battle Axe: Damage 36 Durability 2584


Infinity Diamond Axe: Damage 65 Durability 3104


Magma sword: Damage 12 Durability 896


Nether axe: Damage 35 Durability 3586


Sword of a Thousand Metals: Damage 28 Durability 2256


Some of the names helped me my friend and subscriber luan_wtf (his instagram is in his name), so credits of some names are for him.

If you have any idea to add to the addon you can leave it to me in a comment of my youtube video because here I do not answer.

That would be all for the addon, if you liked do not forget to subscribe to my channel, I hope you like it and it works !!!


My YouTube Chanel

If you want to make a video of this addon you must give me the credits and leave a direct link to this page or to my YouTube channel.

Remember to activate the experimental game mode.

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- Updated for newer versions

- Topaz sword damage decreased

- Now the topaz armor is in parts like a normal one

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i was gonna make a addon like this Im mad but happy
Duuude, the new biome.... The yellow biome... If one block catches on fire, the whole thing spreads out and doesn't stop burning, turning into a sea of fire, resulting into massive lag
Why does the squirrel look like someone put a lemur, a pastel marker, and a pint of orange dye into a blender?
Quick suggestion, you should nerf the topaz as it wouldn't be as rare as diamond-that said, you should buff the emerald weapons and armour
Grizzly bear : they act like polarbear but attack animals that drop meat and fish too will spawn in taiga biomes in group of 1-2 sometime spawn in cave in taiga biomes in group of 1
Deer : they act as food source sometime they have grazing animation and will hop around like rabbit do they will spawn in taiga or forest biome in group of 5-8 the stag will attack the attacker sometime go to tree and drop 2 horns and doe will panic from attacker and can be milk but both of them avoid from wolves and grizzly bears
And lastly add
Bass : they act like cod but spawn in swamp in the water