Pisces BE Shaders (Android/iOS/Windows 10)

Pisces BE Shaders is a very light pack of shaders that can be used on low-end devices. These shaders are very simple but have really nice features that make Minecraft BE  realistic. This pack of shaders has very realistic lighting, sky, shadows, and coloring.

Features from this shaders package.

Pisces BE Shaders 1.3 v1.3.0 :

  1. Staining the light of a torch.
  2. Realistic shadow.
  3. Wavy and moving water.
  4. Waving plants.
  5. Realistic sunlight.
  6. Tonemap coloring.
  7. Fog
  8. Sky color
  9. Stars
  10. Cloud

Changelog View more

Pisces BE Shaders 1.3 v1.3.0 Beta :

  • Fixed some bugs

Pisces BE Shaders 1.2 v1.2.0 :

  • I've fixed a few bugs and made underwater a more realistic one.
  • For Windows 10, now there is a cloud.

Pisces BE Shaders 1.1 v1.1.0 :

now these shaders support Windows 10.

Fixed some text word errors in this description and Installation description.


Pisces BE Shaders

For:Minecraft (Andoid/iOS/Windows 10) V1.6-V1.16

Contact Information


Shaders will no longer work on Minecraft versions and above.


This texture contain Copyright.


Please read this agreement until the end:

– You are allowed to make videos or pictures with my shaders (YouTube, Twitch, …).

– You are allowed to modify my shaders ONLY for yourself!

– You are not allowed to claim my shaders as your own! (Don’t ask me for permissions!)

– You are not allowed to redistribute and/or reupload it!

– You are not allowed to use content of my shaders!

– If you like to share my shaders, please share it with a link to My lINK!

– You are not allowed to use links or any other URL-shortener! (Except and

– If you modified something or use my development shaders, please leave a note.

– Don't make apk with my shaders

– Otherwise you will receive STRIKE

Please consider my agreement.

– Thank you.


  • Mojang Studios: Thanks for keep updating the Minecraft Bedrock Edition!
  • My donators: Thank you all for supporting me!
  • You: Thanks for downloading and playing with my texture! ;)
  • Designevo : Thank you for the logo maker


Copyright (C) Scorpio Graphics - All Rights Reserved


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16.100 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9



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24 Responses

4.5 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Jeckdeth17 says:

    Crashes my game when I join a world

    • ItzJohnPlayz says:

      Please read the description before leaving a 1 star review, The description says “Shaders will no longer work on Minecraft versions and above.”

  2. JustForAskAccLoL says:

    There is a bug in pisces or in capricorn (sorry i forgot) when rain comes all of terrain are flickering make my phone very drop fps and make me sick otherwise that is cool shader thank you for make the shader

  3. SwellHakkan says:

    Wow Nice My Device Is Low End But I use This Shader Is No lag

    Sorry Bad English

  4. Rockythemaster says:

    make water realistic

  5. ShahMY says:

    Finally, I found a suitable shader for my device! use google translate 🙂

  6. Yoshikage Joestar says:

    I’m really like your all shaders keep it up i really like your shaders it’s good for low end devices i play in vivo y91 and it’s get high fps

  7. Yoshikage Joestar says:

    I’m really like your all shaders keep it up i really like your shaders

  8. Sammy3968 says:

    This is a great shader! Simply perfect! It works very well on texture packs too! (I suggest barebones)
    Keep up the great work!!!

  9. Yall talkin about zodiacs

    f*** that what Among Us color you play

  10. Derks says:

    Please make a Gemini Shader. Make it dope bro!

  11. DeadGroove says:

    It looks good but on Windows Ten(for me at least) there are no clouds. If anyone has this problem and managed to solve it please tell me how.

  12. AmazingPotato255 says:

    This isn’t work on my minecraft bedrock edition for Win10 v1.16.40

  13. Desuka says:

    Why the block invisible in my device please help me

  14. Rafa Aif says:

    Very nice! It doesn’t lag in server! Btw this is my zodiac lol 😀

  15. MituhChanUwU says:

    do the cancer one please 😀

    That’s my zodiac sign :’3!

  16. ĆookiJeLLy says:

    Pls do Capricorn shaders next??????.Btw I like this.

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