Published on February 28, 2023 (Updated on March 12, 2023)

Warden Plus+ Anniversary Edition Update!

Additional Warden Plus+ add-on that adds the Wardens removed from the add-on since the addon can be overpowered, that's why we bring this version that adds the removed and new wardens and also adds new craftable golems in your survival world!

Addon Creators :



Some of the Wardens are fan ideas . 

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Copyright :

You can not publish this addon on any other pages than these please, it is not allowed to copy or steal textures or models.

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Bugs were corrected and desings were retextured...


1. Stone Golem and Variants...

2. Magma Warden...

3. Obsidian Warden..

4. Sculk Golem..

5. Caster Warden..

6. Amethyst Warden..

7.Hollowed Warden..

8.Glass Golem...

9.Dark Happy Warden..

10.Shadow Happy Warden..

11.Chimera Warden...

12.Soul Warden...


14.Emerald Golem..

15.Redstone Golem..


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Just a quick question. do the wardens spawn naturally? because im making a mini game and thinking of using this mod for it but i need to know if they spawn naturally.
This comment has been removed
Hey its my again,pls add wdargon i mean Dragonwarden,pls pls 🙏🙏🙏
Bruh if you can add Diamond warden and robotwarden that was by alsome,an i apreciat your addon,it very good adon
can you make a mod like toolbox for mcpe
AwesomeGamer82472 March 19, 2023 at 7:52 am
I swear I’ve seen some of the textures somewhere else. Did you make that mod, steal it or coincidence?
do you mean the wardens as corrupted warden? soul warden? hollowed warden? well no haha ​​those were removed from that addon and added to it because he couldn't have it in his addon as corrupted warden is my own
It's alright, but I feel most of the wardens have no purpose to exist other then for the sake of it
Is it just me or the evil warden looks like the future devil from the chainsaw man series
if you can make a clock warden that was by amaizing💪
This adon is very cool
But pleas add mor golem and Warden
Hello, I can use your addon on my map?
In what sense?
This map is about the fact that a virus appeared in the world because of which mutants appeared