BirdBrain [Vanilla] [Survival] [Factions] [Giveaways] [Discord] [1.16.3]

Server IP   Connect
Version v1.16.20
Status Online
Players 3/50
Server Protocol Other

BirdBrain is the best vanilla server there is. We created a server with all the features of a premium server without asking you to provide a penny. Designed from the ground up with powerful and awesome features to enhance your experience, with active admins, friendly moderators and an awesome Discord community, BirdBrain is the last survival server you will ever need. 

BirdBrain has premium server features you wont find anywhere else, such as a powerful land claim system that protects your property in game from griefers, a simple to use shop, a warp system and much much more. Get rewarded with in game currency for killing mobs or selling your wares anywhere in the world with /shop, then spend that currency on anything from construction materials to a custom prefix. explore the world with /rtp, then come home with /home.

Start a kingdom, an alliance, a group, a faction- the world is yours! friendly admins will help you by creating you your own role and channel in discord to speak to your friends! BirdBrain is truly a one of a kind Bedrock server, and that’s without mentioning the free giveaways! you heard that right- we respect our players and want to reward them for playing on our server, so each month there is a server wide giveaway that you can enter, and win IRL prizes!

Get 1000 coins per day on the server for free! with our voting system, you can earn 1000 coins every 24 hours just for voting on our server! 

Join our Discord for the latest game announcements, to make friends, for the giveaways and to interact with our community- even give us your suggestions for features we can add, and things we can improve- or raise a ticket if you need any support from the Mod/Admin team! BirdBrain is here for your entertainment, and so we are always happy to receive suggestions and ways we can improve, as well as grow our community 🙂 Join here:

Now featuring Daily giveaways on our discord server! win things for in the game and IRL! there are no conditions to enter the giveaways, just join our discord and enter today 🙂 

Here are some pictures of the server at the moment! : 

Come and Join us and make your mark!

Introducing our custom prefix store! buy your own custom prefix, set it to whatever you want!

You asked for it, and we delivered! now featuring a fully feature packed mob head and mini block add on! take a look!:

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We now have daily giveaways! 

Updated our pictures to better reflect the server as it currently is.

Added website!
Updated photos of the server

Added information on obtaining server currency (/vote)

added some new photos of the server as it currently is! 

bumping :) 

We have now added a mob head and mini block add on, since ya'll asked for one! 

We've added our discord link! 

Added the custom prefix store and an image!

Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16 (beta) 1.6

Server Name: BirdBrain

Map: Bedrock level

29 Responses

4.09 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Waldolife says:

    So, I was playing the server (it is great and everything except the ping is kinda high, and it spikes when someone leaves the server) and Dream3586 and I got banned for an inappropriate book that was found. We did NOT create the book, it was found in my chest though because someone put it there, I didn’t do or say anything because I thought it was an enchantment book so I left it there. When the book was found, they blamed it on Dream3586 for no reason (It wasn’t him who made the book, and he only plays when I get on, and I got on the server before he did, and the book was already there). He said that the book was a gift for one of the mods as a joke (he didn’t know what the book was), so he was banned. When I tried to get him unbanned, Hades5514 got me banned as well even though I didn’t break any rules. The creator of the book has already stepped out and took responsibility for his actions, but Dream and I have not gotten unbanned. Hades5514, can you please unban us? We didn’t do anything wrong and you guys banned us without having proof of anything

  2. predator7093 says:

    Hello everyone!Its me predator,If u played with me u know who I am but fir those who are new I have to tell you something!
    I git banned cuz i miss typed a word for sum books.Anyways just if u see any books with poems with dirty words just report it to mods.And do not grief and steal ir anything,keep the server clean and good.I got perm banned and theres no way for me to get back on that server so do not do bad things.I recommend u this server 10000% its the best server ever I played and u will enjoy it,believe me.If someone in this server is reading this tell Ferrat,Ben,Misty and all other U were the best friends on minecraft I ever played with I will never forgot u guys.And I will keep my hopes that Hives will firgive me even tho I dont think I deserve to! ILY guys.-predator

  3. Yopizza23 says:

    Hey hades it is me MiniYopizza23, is it a 24 hour ban or permaban, i never made the book and i found it. So can me and Waldolife get unbanned plz. Your server is nice and we want to keep on playing. Nobody in our republic didn’t do anything. We just found it.

  4. DarkHunterPlayer says:

    Hades, I beg you, let me finish Atlantis, please.

  5. DarkHunterPlayer says:

    Hades, can you unvan me, plese?
    I want to finish Atlântis…

  6. DarkHunterPlayer says:

    This server is the best in minecraft bedrock, but I do not deserve to play in this server.
    I recomend this server to all.

  7. damnitjosey666 says:

    This server is without a doubt the best server I’ve ever played on, the community is fun and inclusive and the few small add ons to the game make it new and fun without losing that vanilla Minecraft feeling we all love. The staff is active and helpful and appreciate their community, there’s community events, kingsoms, and so much more to enjoy. 10/10 would recommend 🙂

  8. lostie says:

    With no hesitation, this server is full of wonder! <3
    Gameplay was and still is smooth for me aswell as the community, they are v considerate, especially the staff.
    In summary, I'd recommend this to anyone who seeks a vanilla experience with that spice 🧡🧡

  9. DarkHunterPlayer says:


  10. DarkHunterPlayer says:


  11. Terablock says:

    well i would say something about it; but i got kicked for no reason.

  12. Primazal gaming says:

    Do u have any discord??

  13. Primazal gaming says:

    Umm it’s cool
    Hehe it’s cool lol

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