Cerberus {SMP} {Bedrock} {Giveaways} {Nether Update!} {mini-games}

Server IP play.cerberus.uk.to:19132   Connect
Version v1.16.0
Status Online
Players 5/20
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

Cerberus is a new bedrock server created out of a desire to have a safe space where you can make friends (or don’t) have a dedicated Discord, participate in Minecraft/Discord competitions where you can actually win something IRL, and have a supportive community behind you. 

Welcome to Cerberus! Here you will find a vanilla SMP server with a couple of modifications to make the vanilla experience even better, an active discord community and even the chance to WIN something IRL! We have now removed the whitelist! no need to apply – join our discord and join the server directly today!! 

We currently offer:

A kingdom server where you can create a kingdom and invite only your friends or whoever you would like, a shopping district where you can create your own store, base protection, monthly giveaways, a pvp arena where you can win actual prizes irl, an active discord community with supportive admins, a support ticket system and so much more.

SMP only- our server offers a vanilla Minecraft experience that you can share with your friends and join a kingdom, or even go it alone. We do offer Tp hubs to enable getting to spawn, your base or the shopping district easier, along with 1 player sleep. 

Discord/Minecraft chat bridge! 

Stuck and cant log onto Minecraft but still want to talk to your friends in game ? we have a solution! With our special new bot you can communicate with people in Minecraft from discord, and even read the Minecraft chat- including the ability to mention people on discord from the game and more! 

Mini Games!

We now have a regenerating wither fighting arena, snow spleefing, a flying course and more! 

Now Featuring our PVP arena! 

Choose your own battle ground: with 6 different battle fields to choose from, including ice, fire, forest, heaven, underwater or sand, you can win glory in our arena! Win giveaways, get the title of ‘Champion’ on our discord and let everyone know you’re the best!

Why Cerberus?
Cerberus offers a 99.9% uptime, active and supportive admins, anti cheat, giveaways, active discord community, 24gb of server ram keep the lag at an absolute minimum. free2play!

Commands you can use:

/spawn – Return to spawn.

/home – Teleports a player to his/her bed.

/warp set “Warp Name” – Sets a players warp.

/warp to “Warp Name” – Teleports a player to his/her warp.

/tpa – Send a tpa request to players.

/tpaccept – Accept a teleport request.

/tpdeny – Deny a teleport request.


KeepInv false 

gamerule pvp true

tnt explodes true 

fire tick true

Server Rules:

No pvp unless agreed

No exploits! 

No duping!

No griefing!

No racism!

No glitching

No building your base within 500 blocks of spawn. this is to protect your own base too!

Don’t leave trees floating

You must join the discord, this is to ensure you can participate in the giveaways, and also to ensure that you get all the important in game announcements. 

join our discord server and join today!


Changelog View more
  • Added the discord chat bridge
  • updated title
  • added new pictures, to illustrate the chat bride 
  • Added the new website!
  • Added the minigames
  • Updated pictures
  • Updated description

updated server domain name

updated rules to add don't leave trees floating and also no glitching

Removed the need to apply

Removed the whitelist

Updated Discord link 

  1. Updated supported versions and server types
  2. Added command list 
  3. Added images of the PVP arena 
  4. Updated title

Added PVP arena

Added commands

Added more RAM to the server

  • Added images of the shopping district, aka Olympus
  • Updated the featured image so that its now of the server
  • Updated and more detailed description
  • Added more pictures
  • Added warp

Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

Server Name: SMP

Map: Cerberus

27 Responses

3.64 / 5 (14 votes)

    PLZ Please remove the ban I am very sorry for what I want 🙁

    • ALFARSI_GAMING says:

      💔😢Please, I am very sorry,. I
      just wanted to see the reaction of the owner, but I know I went too far. Please remove the ban on my name is (ALFARSI GAMING) . This is the best server I have seen

  2. Abnerspoon says:

    I’ve only been apart of a few servers in my time, but this is by far the best one I’ve had the honor to be apart of. Everyone on here is so friendly and fun to hang out with. not to mention the server builds are beautiful ( especially the Kraken). do yourself a favor and join the fun.

  3. Bluekaboom1 says:

    Fun server! it’s been a good couple days in the voice chat with the funny and mature community. Would recommend 😀

  4. Spike91297 says:

    Friendly guys all seem welcoming. Spawn is really cool and the factions that they’re doing are pretty interesting 🙂

  5. Guest-4418383557 says:

    Can you whitelist me, my name is Datboi753. If not, how else would I get whitelisted?

  6. ash_master says:

    the age for this server shold be like 16+ and below

  7. Guest-9079402628 says:

    Don’t pay attention to nearly any of these reviews, they pretty much just told their staff team to rate high.

  8. CreepWeb says:

    The best server of all i have played in, it’s the best no lag and good admins.

  9. damnitjosey666 says:

    Honestly, one of the best servers I’ve been a part of, a really cool, respectful, funny community and active discord server, the owner goes above and beyond to make it a great experience for everyone involved and its really cool to see a server grow from the ground up and be a part of the beginning, can’t wait to see it grow into something more!

  10. Guest-4982271583 says:

    Cerberus is pretty sweet! Though it’s just getting started it’s surprisingly pretty stream lined and accepting!

  11. Guest-3747997449 says:

    this server is great admin/moderation team they are almost always in voice chat when playing they are very helpful and pretty funny. the server is amazing the spawn area looks really good they have teleportation commands in place so you dont always have to run everywhere.

  12. emshaw1996 says:

    Awesome builds with super friendly admins

  13. Guest-7375671052 says:

    I LOVE THIS SERVER! I’ve met so many amazing people on here, not to mention all the cool builds. Do yourself a favor and join this server.

  14. Guest-4377233362 says:

    This server is fun as hell guys, all the builds at spawn and shopping district as amazing! They even have a teleportation system so you don’t have to travel long distances! I have really enjoyed my time here

  15. Guest-5359737781 says:

    This is a server that has free giveaways to player! it rewards you for being honest and folowing the rules, 10/10 we would join again

  16. Kairosis says:

    Joined this server, the areas that are built are cool, Moderators don’t breathe down your neck, its a perfect server to play with some friends.

  17. Hades5514 says:

    Hiya Cubemaster. You were banned from a previous server I was an admin on because you griefed the entire area, and you joined Cerberus for literally 3 mins before realising who the admins were and leaving. downvoting and leaving comments like this for a server you were never part of is what’s toxic.

    • CubeMaster says:

      ._. read your comment again, stressed child. have a nice day.

      • CubeMaster says:

        dont worry im not gonna grief your server with another username, not worth it really. relax

        • Hades5514 says:

          I’m relaxed, Do you think your big, going around griefing servers? you ain’t- after you griefed Dusty for no reason, we simply reset.. to be honest I don’t see the point of going around destroying people’s hard work and then acting the big man about it. That is childish behaviour- if anyone is a child, its you. Do the Minecraft community a big favour and go away. Thank you.

          • Guest-4578677221 says:


          • CubeMaster says:

            1. I don’t go around griefing servers (your toxic community was the only one)
            2. It wasn’t pointless, stop lying to yourself, or hiding what happened, I simply got banned for direct messaging sb about they’re stupid behavior. is that a crime? xD
            3. I did more than what you can think for this community. (tracking bugs) & im tired of people like you, I am still in dusty. who cares…

          • Guest-3114175068 says:

            You/your friends were just too stupid to ban someone for no reason while they have access to server, If you had an actual reason to ban me that time I would accept it & leave, but when there is no reason, I had to give it a reason. and I did what I should to LMAO

  18. 𝗘𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗼𝗿 says:

    owners/admins are toxic, not recommended

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