category: Servers

By chenshupe
Published on 21 Jun, 2023
4 · v1.20.30
We are a public welfare, fair, harmonious, and friendly survival server with numerous plugins and modules to increase your enjoyment of survival. In your leisure time, you can a...
By Screaming Alien
Published on 23 May, 2023
3.7 · v1.20.0
Enter a world where the cosmos holds untold mysteries and horrors. Unrelenting forces of malignant terror are clawing at the boundaries between our reality and their own. Join O...
By Buffy Official
Published on 24 Apr, 2023
4.8 · v1.20.40
A Gaming SMP (Survival Multiplayer) Minecraft server is a virtual space where players from around the world can come together and enjoy the open-world gameplay of Minecraft in a...
By JobManKazakh190
Published on 19 Apr, 2023 · v1.20.40
SCS SMP have alot of useful features: custom shops (anyone can make), autocrafting machines, claims and its currency.Im doing referral program, so you may invite donator and get...
By RADWrld
Published on 17 Apr, 2023
5 · v1.20.31
Welcome to Phoenix Bones (the old name Fuzzy Raideon) , the ultimate free-play, roleplay, and cross-play server. Formerly known as the Rust Valley Server, Fuzzy Raideon has been...
By RADWrld
Published on 17 Apr, 2023
4.8 · v1.20.31
Gloom Origins is a unique gaming community that has its roots in the Phoenix Bones server. The server has now evolved to become a cross-play and cross-version server that brings...
By hexer_
Published on 16 Feb, 2023
5 · v1.20.40
Hello player, let me introduce you to Zerix, one of the oldest minecraft pocket edition pvp server. Starting in 2018 as Legions, Zerix is now ready to impress the community.Join...
By FluffyTheFox
Published on 28 Dec, 2022
4 · v1.20.40
PhoenixSMP is a crossplay server supporting both Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft! We're a small, community-focused server looking for new members. If you're looking for e...
Published on 28 Aug, 2022
4.3 · v1.20.40
HuarizoLand is a clan server where you can fight with other clans to get to the number 1 position, you can raid clans killing enemies and get their land. It also has various com...
By MCStorm
Published on 17 Aug, 2022
5 · v1.20.41
If you want to play on a casual survival multiplayer server, StormyLand Survival is the server for you. This server uses the official Bedrock Dedicated Server software, so all f...
By Risker
Published on 5 Apr, 2022 · v1.20.40
Join us for a unique experience in Minecraft, with a Crossplay SMP server with Economy, Landclaim, Building Competitions, Missions and Trivias, hosted on a PAID DEDICATED server...
By Cube Factions
Published on 27 Mar, 2022 · v1.20.32
Welcome to Cube Factions! Here you can create a faction and be the best! We treat all of our factions equally, so we will not favor anyone on either side. You can fight everyone...
By SharedBlox
Published on 28 Feb, 2022
3 · v1.20.40
This server is inspired by McFunn, a server that got shutdown.This will be played until mcfunn will be put back up.This server is minecraft crossplay between bedrock and java. I...
By survivalto
Published on 7 Apr, 2022
3.3 · v1.20.40
For join server in discord use: is a Minecraft Bedrock  vanilla server with custom developed plugins. Do what you would like to do normall...