Published on September 30, 2021 (Updated on November 07, 2021)

The Wolf Den

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The Wolf Den is a magical introduction to a survival based Minecraft server (SMP). The Wolf Den offers players an exclusive and custom experience featuring our Custom Biomes in all worlds, Our custom spells through magic, and even premium plugins such as Factions, BountyHunters, and much more!


Why should you join The Wolf Den?:

The Wolf Den offers players an exciting and new experience in Minecraft. We offer multiple plugins for our Playerbase, and a completely smooth and stable server for both Bedrock and Java users. Below are some features we love to show off to our player base.




Premium Factions

Custom GUIs and Commands



Custom Enchants

And much more!....

Check out our official server website and discord if you're interested.

Website -
YouTube - The Wolf Den - - OPEN NOW! - YouTube
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Discord -

Connect to the server using this IP (1.1-1.17) -

Use the default port if connecting with Bedrock: 19132




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Patch Notes 2.9.75 

Rules Update, Plugins Re-added, Donators Buffed, and Much More! 

World Reset | Due to a game and server breaking bug that we had found in our datapacks (Custom Biomes), we are unable to continue using datapacks at this time due to a mojang issue and it is actively being solved by developers. We have reset the World, End, and Nether, and you can expect a lot less lag and latency issues when playing on The Wolf Den now. 

Factions Update | Factions have been included on the scoreboard to the right side of the screen. This way you can see faction power, name, and players inside of the faction. 

Drop Parties: Drop parties are determined by high staff (Sr. Admin+), Do not ask for a drop party, there will be one when we reach a designated goal. As of right now, that designated goal is 15 players. Each time we hit 20 players we will do a drop party. Any other time it is up to staff discretion. 

Shop Updates: Shop items have been drastically changed to try and stimulate a realistic economy. If you have any suggestions for this please use 🔮|suggestions 

Donator Ranks: The @God Donator has been added at the price of $99.99.

Plugin Updates: - CombatLogger - Updated - Essentials - Updated - Magic - Magic has been getting updated quite frequently, please reference the magic guide for more information. - ChestSort - Updated - AntiCheat - Updated and Optimized 

On The Horizon... - Patch 3.0 is right around the corner! With Skyblock, a new Hub feature and much more introduced, this is the time to get all of your grinding done so you're prepared for this shift! Hopefully we will see an influx of players with Patch 3.0, and we hope that this will impress every single person here.

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