Splash Texts & Loading Tips Restorer

The Splash Texts & Loading Tips Restorer restores or brings back the original splash texts and loading tips. It now also brings back the "Minecraft" title in the main menu too. In other words, it simply reverts these annoying changes made by certain resource packs or addons.

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  • Fixed some typos in the pack file
  • Added the title restorer which can be enabled or disabled


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That's why i am always checking addon contents and delete unnecessary splashes, loading screen, progress screen, etc before installing. That's modified screen is only serve as watermark or copyright credits.
well it's there for a reason... packs aren't exactly easy to make you know
responding to Viskkat-
Now I do understand a watermark or something like that if your using it in a video, but if someones just playing minecraft not recording or streaming or anything then they shouldn't have to deal with some crappy watermark of some dudes discord or YT channel.
You could also make it add the minecraft logo because i have encountered packs that overwrite the minecraft logo unless you have already implemented that
This will be added in the next update. But I will implement it using the subpack system so that people would be given the option to enable/disable it.
actually this pack is quite easy to make but this pack is great especially for people who don't want a custom splash text and loading message while using texture pack, like literally people just type random things or their youtube channel in splash text or loading message.

good job👍
That's why I mentioned "I created this so you don't have to." in the description. But I do agree that this pack is easy to make. :)
Ive been looking for this for a while
Same. I'm rather surprised nobody has made this sort of thing before.