Therealechonox's Puzzle Map No. 3

This is the third map in my little series. In this one you are in space or on a different planet or something, inside a space station of sorts. Your final goal is to turn on the reactor. But watch out! Some parts of the station are covered in this weird material called "C9tamination!" You will need to find a Bio-suit to enter these areas. This map has been tested and is completely functional. Finally, you may not be alone in this space station...

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Changed some commands so now this map is multiplayer compatible!


  • Puzzle3_Update1_1601733946.mcworld

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I had fun playing it although I had to cheat a little bit.
seriously 20/10
The story's also really good and the building fits it.
Is there a walkthrough?
I'm injoyed this map good job
Nice map I'm injoyed this puzzle
This was a very hard map that me and my brother tried to beat but didn't. We got to a point where we had a lot of dead bushes, let's say that and couldn't figure the rest out. Any help would be appreciated lol. This map was fun while we played it.
I am stuck on this as well
Where is the 5th ender rod
Which do you have
I really liked this! Nice job
I need some help i’m stuck
Can this inly be played as multiplayer?
Cool map