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Minecrafty Cars! Addon

Minecrafty Cars!

I've recently been looking through the car addons on mcpedl, and I've noticed that there are no addons that use Vanilla MC textures or blocks ...
MesozoiCraft Herbivores Addon

MesozoiCraft Herbivores

This is the final installment (for now since custom biomes aren't working) of MesozoiCraft! This addon includes 9+ dinos, with custom behaviours, and are compatible with ...
Nether Boats Addon

Nether Boats

I was watching a TommyInnnit vod one day, and during the vod, Technoblade complained about not being able to craft boats out of the nether ...
Aquatic++ Add-on Addon

Aquatic++ Add-on

Have you ever thought that Minecraft Oceans have been boring even with the aquatic update? You see an ocean monument very rarely, but the guardians ...