Published on November 28, 2022

Valkyries+ v1.0 // Assembly

Iron golems letting you down? Sick of constantly crafting them? Sick of their BORING nature?? Like ROBOTS? like DEFENCE ROBOTS??? Like DEFENSE robots with ABILITIES??? OH BOY I got something for you.

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v1.0: Assembly.

Introducing Valkyries+, an addon that adds three defense robots to help you with your adventures in your Minecraft world.

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This add-on is fantastic all of them have been the modules look awesome and the attacks look great 10/10 all Around but as a fan of your add-ones, I wanted to ask if you could make one based on Transformers? You're the only person I think could do them justice and if you would be willing to contact me I can help you get more info if you don't know much about them but besides that 10/10 add-one and I look forward to your next one.

Discord: Elijah_Soul#0770
Boleh minta modnya gak bang
Awesome Add-on, It would be cool if it attacks a mob you hit and only if it's hostile so accidents doesn't happen. and to make it more awesome make all the valkyries attack. when I was playing only H.I.L.D.R was attacking. also is it possible to activate their abilities while mounted? That's pretty much all I can say all in all it's a Marketplace worthy Add-on. May god bless you on your journey, Here is my Add-on Review I hope to increase the traffic to this wonderful Add-on:
I will admit, I was so busy working on their abilities I completely forgot about their attack patterns. This will be covered in the next update! As for the abilities while mounting I have an idea of how I could do that. But alas, next update. Both of these are definitely noted. Thank you so much!
Awesome, I can't wait for the next update and chapter!
cool, one of my favorite addon
Awesome addon, been playing for hours with my friends and had to come back to give it a review.