Published on November 28, 2022 (Updated on April 26, 2023)

| v1.1.5 | Valkyries+ // Ragnarok, Pt. II

Iron golems letting you down? Sick of constantly crafting them? Sick of their BORING nature?? Like ROBOTS? like DEFENCE ROBOTS??? Like DEFENSE robots with ABILITIES??? OH BOY I got something for you.

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v1.1.5: Ragnarok, pt. II


  • Added G.N.4, The Valkyrie Queen. Voice Acted by UnicornGirl526
  • Added A Strike Tag, Deployer, Activator, and a Crystal which are used on or in conjunction to G.N.4


  • Broken Valkyrie sounds have (Finally) been changed.
  • H.R.I.S.T's Poison Dart now... poisons you.
  • H.R.I.S.T's poison dart has been slightly adjusted.
  • The Lava Elemental now has a colored spawn egg.
  • Decreased the chance of encampments spawning.
  • Decreased the spawn chance of Lava Elementals.
  • Valkyrie health have been increased.
  • Valkyries no longer go into a jumping fit when exiting water.
  • Valkyries now have a 100% chance of dropping a Null deployer on death.
  • Certain Item descriptions have been fixed. Forgot which ones but one of them was wrong.
  • Things have been reorganized.
  • Valkyries no longer jump each other

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Wowww,, how do you even do this?? Your insane and in like,, COOL,SICK insane...this is amazing! I never seen anything like this?? So good... litteraly inlove . Awesome animation and design. I'm having so much fun playing this...i do have a question, is it compatible with others addon? /Irc does it use player.json?
It does not! go crazy!

Thank you!
Question, When do you plan on working on DOTV Volume III? Before, or after the Volume II bonus content?
Nice, We knew when we said this on 2 addons you didn't reply, you were keeping it secret. We will not bug any more about it. :)
G.N.4 is really cool, and while fighting her, we heard the Ageto-Magala casting sound. Neat little easter egg! We found a bug though, with the drops. It's a bit broken. They don't drop very often. And if they do, they will be blown up by the explosion. If you could please fix this, that would be great. (Sorry if not very informational, MCPEDL wouldn't let us send a really detailed report)
The drop rate was done on purpose as an incentive to fight her more but the crystal being blown up I will definitely look into that, thanks!
I've been enjoying this add-on a lot. The animation for the sisters and gang are sick and the audio is amazing (although a little loud XD). My only complaint is that they attack everything hostile which sounds good on paper but that includes players. I really want to use the sisters as bodyguards but I'm unable to. Is it possible to make it so they only attack your targets/aggressors (if this is already in the works, do you have an estimate when the update will drop?).
Yes! has been fixed in the most recent updates!
Hi it’s dark wolf I’m a mega fan of your creepy entity work just wondering if u could make the valkyries drop a null activator, just so we don’t need to spend a bunch of iron. Please add this, thanks for reading. 😇😎
They DONT drop them?? could of swore I put that in. Will be fixed next update!

Thank you so much!
Your mods are good and great but can you make a mod that gives players magical power and not magical creature
Amazing addon. This is one of your best addons. very fun and neat. Adds to a lot of good and cool stuff and is very good in my worlds.
awww, Thank you!! I appreciate it!
This add-on is fantastic all of them have been the modules look awesome and the attacks look great 10/10 all Around but as a fan of your add-ones, I wanted to ask if you could make one based on Transformers? You're the only person I think could do them justice and if you would be willing to contact me I can help you get more info if you don't know much about them but besides that 10/10 add-one and I look forward to your next one.

Discord: Elijah_Soul#0770
Boleh minta modnya gak bang
Awesome Add-on, It would be cool if it attacks a mob you hit and only if it's hostile so accidents doesn't happen. and to make it more awesome make all the valkyries attack. when I was playing only H.I.L.D.R was attacking. also is it possible to activate their abilities while mounted? That's pretty much all I can say all in all it's a Marketplace worthy Add-on. May god bless you on your journey, Here is my Add-on Review I hope to increase the traffic to this wonderful Add-on:
I will admit, I was so busy working on their abilities I completely forgot about their attack patterns. This will be covered in the next update! As for the abilities while mounting I have an idea of how I could do that. But alas, next update. Both of these are definitely noted. Thank you so much!
Awesome, I can't wait for the next update and chapter!
cool, one of my favorite addon
Awesome addon, been playing for hours with my friends and had to come back to give it a review.