Actually Smooth

This Resource Pack makes the Smooth Quartz, Smooth Sandstone, and Red Smooth Sandstone Actually Smooth! I removed the Ridges from the textures and made it so the whole block is one smooth texture.

With Texture Pack v

v Without Texture Pack v

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Going to add other smooth options per request in the comments


Supported Minecraft versions


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7 Responses

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  1. Guest-9358577550 says:

    I’m very happy Smooth Quartz finally has its proper texture with this pack, but is there any way you can perhaps modify the code so it doesn’t affect the regular Quartz block as well? Thanks in advance

  2. Guest-3812190070 says:

    Bruh, smooth sandstone is already a thing red and normal

  3. Clyde but not clyde says:

    The … The smooth sandstone already exists…

  4. RomanMender says:

    Thank you for this fix i always dident see the differnace

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