Aquarius PE Shaders (Android/iOS)

Aquarius PE Shaders is a shader package for Minecraft (Android / iOS) that is much better, more realistic and beautiful. This shader package has cool features that will make Minecraft (Android / iOS) lightweight, shadow, water, leaves and colors. Usually shader packages that have these features require a powerful device but these shader packages can be used on intermediate devices. This shaders package has a green theme and this shaders package has a realistic glow from the blocks that produce light.

Features from this shaders package.

Aquarius PE Shaders 2.7 v2.7.5 :

  1. Staining the light of a torch.
  2. Realistic shadow.
  3. Wavy and moving water.
  4. Waving plants.
  5. Realistic sunlight.
  6. Day and night light.
  7. The sky is twisted.
  8. Tonemap coloring.
  9. Fog
  10. Realistic Nether
  11. wet Effect
  12. Water Gradient
  13. Sky color
  14. Stars
  15. Cloud
  16. Sun reflection
  17. Player Shadow

Changelog View more

Aquarius PE Shaders 2.7 v2.7.5 :

Lowered brightness and improved water and fixed some bugs.

Aquarius PE Shaders 2.7 v2.7.0 :

I've fixed some bugs and added some new features in Entity and Sky.

Aquarius PE Shaders 2.6 v2.6.0 :

I've fixed some bugs and also added and changed features in these shaders.

Aquarius PE Shaders 2.5 v2.5.0 :

I've added some features in these shaders and also fixed some bugs.

Aquarius PE Shaders 2.4 v2.4.0 

  • Making the Nether much more realistic

Aquarius PE Shaders 2.3 v2.3.0 

  1. improve shadow quality
  2. Increase saturation
  3. water is now more realistic
  4. The coloring of the world has been saturated
  5. End Portal has been saturated
  6. End sky has been saturated
  7. The moon is saturated
  8. the sun is saturated
  9. the weather is saturated
  1. Erase all the code that doesn't belong to me and now my shaders only use my code.
  2. Now my shaders don't use other people's code and only use my own code.

add proof of permission on the page and there are no changes in the shader.

Add credit on the page that I forgot to put before.

just add videos to skip advertisements and don't change anything in shaders.

Fixed some errors on web pages and did not update the shaders package.

Fixed some errors on web pages and did not update the shaders package.


Aquarius PE Shaders

For:Minecraft (Andoid/iOS) V1.6-V1.16

Contact Information


Shaders will no longer work on Minecraft versions and above.

This texture contain Copyright.

Please read this agreement until the end:
– You are allowed to make videos or pictures with my shaders (YouTube, Twitch, …).
– You are allowed to modify my shaders ONLY for yourself!
– You are not allowed to claim my shaders as your own! (Don’t ask me for permissions!)
– You are not allowed to redistribute and/or reupload it!
– You are not allowed to use content of my shaders!
– If you like to share my shaders, please share it with a link to My lINK!
– You are not allowed to use links or any other URL-shortener! (Except and
– If you modified something or use my development shaders, please leave a note.
– Don't make apk with my shaders
– Otherwise you will receive STRIKE
Please consider my agreement.
– Thank you.

  • Mojang Studios: Thanks for keep updating the Minecraft Bedrock Edition!
  • My donators: Thank you all for supporting me!
  • You: Thanks for downloading and playing with my texture! ;)
  • Designevo : Thank you for the logo maker!
  • R.D.B.T Official: Thanks for the player shadow code.

Copyright (C) Scorpio Graphics - All Rights Reserved


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16 (beta) 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9



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64 Responses

3.51 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. Desuka says:

    Why is this Shafee ia so lagg with me so fix it please

  2. LarryisCooL says:

    if u can make it lesssssssss Brighter i will totaly love it

  3. BunnyPip says:

    It’s too bright bruh

  4. null_eqn says:

    Unable to download,

  5. Bezja120 says:

    Créalo para Windows 10

  6. ItzMeDerks says:

    Please remove the player shadow because it’s very laggy.

  7. HerobrineS1588 says:

    your consle might not be able to run it

  8. CubicPlayzMc says:

    How to remove the player shadow without messing the shader up it is very laggy with the player shadow

  9. LAgamer says:

    this shader is nothing special. its honestly one of the worst shaders i have ever used.

  10. There Is No THJ says:

    *Cries on Minecraft PC bedrock*

  11. iHaveToTellUSomething says:

    It didnt work. The world just showed up invisible. Only mobs could be seen but that was all.

  12. StanFromYT says:

    pls make this for pc i want this so bad pls pls!

  13. ezz456 says:

    This is the best shader ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  14. Taquitos says:

    very bright and colorful shader, kinda gives me BOTW vibes

  15. ivnsrrn says:

    It looks really cool on the preview, but the app crashes when I use the shaders (version please respond if you know how to fix this.

  16. IndicoMCPE says:

    More Bugs That I Found:

    The Player Is Also Invisible

    Item Become Invisible When Touch

    Please Fix All Of This Bug This Is

    Two Shadow In One Block

    The Only Realistic Shader That Work For Low End Devices

  17. IndicoMCPE says:

    The Shader Is Works But Here Is Some Problems:

    1.All Mobs Animal And All Entitys Are Invisible

    2.The Water Follows You Wherever You Fly

    3.The Sign,Itemframe,Armorstands Are Completely Invisible(I Can Still See The Letters In The Sign)

    4.The Door Is Moving Just Like A Grass And Leaves(All Doors)

    5.All The Shadow Have Extra Pixel(When Pass To Another Block

    Please Reply To Me So The Creator Would See The Bugs Here

  18. Vanlol06 says:

    Can you fix the waving leaves cause some block waving like redstone,door,lever, and etc.
    There’s another problem is the water animation when you go up the water looks
    Stripe waving. And the last problem is the shadow when raining and the shadow not moving right pls fix it and i give 5 star if fix it

  19. ShadowElixir says:

    Win10 support pls

  20. TheMcLover says:

    It looks really cool but kicks out me from game pls help

  21. Shyred64 says:

    Best shader ever no lag either I’m in love

  22. Guest-2331096271 says:

    please make windows version

  23. Guest-2597744233 says:

    I can’t download the shader but I really want it so could you please make the link to mediafire cuz the original link isn’t working for me 🙁

  24. Guest-8989889418 says:

    How do i put it on mcpe when its in a .zip

  25. Guest-4187391528 says:

    Link didint work but it looks cool. I wanna download it but i cant…

  26. Guest-1010046385 says:

    Uhhhhh, the shadow looks weird. It looks like noise. (Like a static tv set) pls help fix

  27. Wernes14 says:

    Try share on mediafire, because i see this shaders is really amazing! I must have this!

  28. Guest-9567193497 says:

    Cant download. I repeated what the description says over and over and it doesn’t work. 0.5 stars

  29. Guest-4393701446 says:

    The rain is not good, can you please delete it?

  30. Guest-6672445381 says:


  31. Guest-7850248064 says:

    Oh my god! So many stupid people! It is in the description to how to download! And the creator needs money to fund his/her works! Please be reasonable people!

    • Guest-9524388811 says:

      Yes we understand but the website does not give many people the link. I’ve been try for about 5 minute and still no link, not even pop ups.

  32. Guest-3584031305 says:

    You could have least used mediafire or adfly I can’t download any of your shaders please just use mediafire or adfly

  33. Guest-1595640339 says:

    Really..common you could used media fire nor adfly

  34. TryHardJibs says:

    *sniff* *sniff* PC players would be so jealous about this shader!

  35. Guest-7585896186 says:

    Warning! Virus! Do not click

  36. Guest-6177563833 says:

    What’s the map used?

  37. Guest-2884978183 says:

    Could you use adfly at least?

  38. DiegoN says:

    can you make a link that goes straight to Mediafire plz

  39. Guest-7369461663 says:

    How many shaders you want to make?
    You already made 3 shaders!
    Are u want to make all zodiac signs as shaders? Is that under illegal to make multiple shaders in mcpedl? :/

  40. Guest-5080842723 says:

    my pc cant handle it; everytime i try to use it, it lags me out. fix this plss ;(

  41. Guest-7842808417 says:

    It’s too bright! My eyes hurts!
    Pls lower the brightness

  42. Guest-3517618875 says:

    It doesn’t work

  43. Guest-6350660791 says:

    when will it support windows 10

  44. Guest-5886049589 says:

    Nice Shaders

  45. Guest-1469758419 says:

    i have the addon tho not working

  46. Guest-2522085953 says:

    im a windows 10 player and not working for me but it says ios and andriod so is it for me??

  47. Guest-7268667466 says:

    Shader looks so good i can’t even download it because of these redirects.

  48. Guest-9417928184 says:

    The link is not working.

  49. d6b says:

    Haven‘t tried it yet, but the Images look promising especially for A Mid-End Shader. I Hope my iPad 5th Gen A9 can handle it. Because it can’t handle the Scorpio Shader.

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