Working TV Addon 1.2

This addon will add a working TV to minecraft, which can not only decorate your home, but also surprise your friends with its functionality! All you need is Minecraft version 1.10 – 1.16+


1.Spawn the TV where you want.

2.Sit down. 

3.Click on the “pose” button. 


Tv model updated!! 



You can watch as many as nine channels!


The channel on which the villager reports the latest news.


Just a channel for testing colors.


Sports Channel … Yes.


Channel demonstrating the capabilities of Mcpedl.


Channel with a cooking program.


Channel with a cartoon.


Chanel with a horror film. 


Super duper spoon !!! Just for $ 9.99 !!


In this program, a villager funny jokes on stage.


This channel has been added temporarily and will be replaced by other channels.

More channels will be added soon …

***Attention!!! This addon is divided into two versions: BASIC and FULL.***



1.Updated tv model

2.Two new chanels


1.Updated tv  model

2.Four New chanels

TIP: you can get the full version of the add-on via the adfly link.

Changelog View more

1.Updated TV model. 

2.Added 4 new channels.

3.Fixed mistakes in the description of the addon.


1. Download the file from the site, in mcpack format.

2. Import the downloaded addon into minecraft.

3. In the world settings, select: Resource packs: downloaded add-on: "+"; Behavior packs: downloaded addon: "+".

Attention!! "Use experemental gameplay" must be enabled in the world settings.

4. Enjoy the game :)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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84 Responses

4.9 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-9679215969 says:

    how do i turn off the tv?

  2. Guest-8301182121 says:

    Holaaa, que buen addon. Tengo una pregunta, cual de los archivos descargo?, me aparecen muchos. Tambien estaria bueno que pongas algún canal de algún reality show de aldeanos

  3. Guest-9273054423 says:

    I can’t get the channels to work. I have both resource and behavior pack on annnd experimental gameplay. It just says “equip” and nothing happens

  4. Guest-1380260732 says:

    Finally a working tv,
    I can make my own channel by editing the texture.

  5. Guest-3348055023 says:

    How about Star Wars or rock channel?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Awesome Addon Dude, i really like the channels, and yeah it is really really awesome i would love to see more channels added in the future, i also did and addon review on my channel!!!, goodluck on future addon 😀

  7. Guest-6889374609 says:

    I would like GIF images instead of those animations

  8. Guest-8096470141 says:

    Make a Hamilton channel if possible! Great addon!

  9. Guest-5949110749 says:

    En la 1.16 no me aparece la televisión en los huevos no sirve en la vercion mas reciente no agrega nada

    • FLARXXS says:

      Vuelva a instalar el complemento; ¿Cómo reinstalar el complemento? : 1.seleccione: paquete de recursos: complemento descargado: “-“,
      seleccione: paquete de comportamiento: complemento descargado: “-”
      2. reiniciar minecraft
      3. seleccione: paquete de recursos: complemento descargado: “+”,
      seleccione: paquete de comportamiento: complemento descargado: “+”
      4. hecho

  10. Guest-9448589186 says:

    Please, make it obtainable on survival (crafting or trade with villager)

    Anyway, good addon!

  11. Guest-6699821796 says:

    Full version doesn’t work

  12. Guest-9531512691 says:

    Can you add a larger TV?

  13. Guest-9780110619 says:

    If theres a pillager raid or a boss nearby, add an EAS brodcast system!

  14. Guest-7016661101 says:

    This looks really cool! I have a question, does the TV have sounds? If so you should totally make a documentary channel where a villager/Steve explains animals and mobs in their natural habitat😂

    • Guest-8068813725 says:

      Oh and I haven’t downloaded it yet, I’ll download tomorrow but maybe you could put many different stand up acts/sport matches (that end in different ways and with different teams)/different horror movies/cartoons ecc. all random so it’s always, or almost always, brand new content

  15. Guest-3646401650 says:

    This is cool, thx for adding the stand-up act, It’s my favorite channel

  16. JustB00red says:

    this need a crafting recipe and more channels like a comedy one with clowns

  17. Guest-1600676094 says:

    Can make that in survival please? 🙏

  18. Guest-7525375656 says:

    Emergency broadcast?

  19. Eggycho says:

    You should add a action channel

  20. Guest-8317398145 says:

    shopping channel
    like the weather channel but replace it with emerald i guess
    if you can play music with that it would be nice
    Animal Channel
    show of a cute panda eating bamboo

    mention me pls
    “ltgenquijano” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  21. GreatHeroPeter says:

    NYAN GHAST!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!

  22. GreatHeroPeter says:

    Nyan Cat Maybye Some Memes and ill be vibein before you even know it

  23. Guest-1898340488 says:

    I have an idea a static screen so if someone is doing a roleplay you can just hear static

  24. Guest-9058221362 says:

    Add Nyan Cat plz

  25. Guest-6741580802 says:

    Anime Channel plz (btw I want evangelion anime in the TV)

  26. Guest-2933329753 says:

    This is actually really neat, hope to see more channels added in the future! 👍

  27. Guest-4672338304 says:

    This is called an “idiot box”.

  28. Guest-5451012440 says:

    create a cartoon channel
    and make playstation or xbox so we can play with that tv

  29. Guest-9335609949 says:

    Great addon! Add a cartoon and horror channel

  30. Guest-4499295300 says:

    pls make a flat screen tv large and small

  31. Guest-9190821352 says:

    • A horror TV channel.
    • A comedy TV channel.

  32. Guest-2874911530 says:

    It should be mcpack if you want to make one only not mcaddon. Mcaddon only if you combine behavior and resource. By the way nice addon.

  33. Guest-1795145145 says:

    THIS IS AMAZING! I have 2 channel suggestions:
    Some kind of cartoon
    A villager doing a stand up act

  34. Guest-3789860605 says:

    Muy buen addon… pero haz una TV más grande, esas de 60′ como las que hay en la actualidad para que se vea más realista y sea mejor decoración. Ya que la tv de tu addon parece a las más antiguas.

  35. ElectricBoiz321 says:

    I have a suggestion: add a cartoon channel.

  36. Good addon but plz add videogame channel

  37. Guest-9575435712 says:

    With the Pokemon thing the other guy said, a cartoon channel!

  38. MorbidNoob says:

    Make a pokemon channel. And also make them animated.

  39. Kourtis123 says:

    Make bigger TV please

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